Shop Talk: Denise Porcaro of Flower Girl

One rainy Sunday this past spring, the Glitter Guide team had the opportunity to visit Flower Girl New York, the quaint flower shop tucked away amongst tables of denim in the Earnest Sewn boutique in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. We chatted with owner Denise Porcaro about her inspiration — what it’s like to own a business and work with big fashion names (and, obviously, flowers!).

Flower Girl New York has been in business for 7 years, providing its jaw-dropping list of clients with custom arrangements for their homes, intimate romantic dinners, lavish special events, and weddings. During our interview, Denise expressed her thoughts on Flower Girl. She describes her shop as a juxtaposition between style and personality. Denise creates arrangements for Chanel and Kate Spade while still allowing customers to meander into her adorable shop to purchase just a single rose. She compares her style and aesthetic to the arrangement she created for Glitter Guide: an old, rusty antique tea tin filled with a contemporary mix of ranunculus and hydrangeas — along with a single brightly-colored calla lily.

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Why did you start Flower Girl?
I grew up in Queens and studied film. I’ve always been a creative person, and flowers are something I’ve always loved. I was working at a restaurant and made arrangements for them. I continued to expand my passion for flower designs working various side jobs. One thing led to another, and Flower Girl was born.

When did you realize Flower Girl New York had “made it?”
Several experiences gave me the feeling that Flower Girl was becoming a success. I began hiring young women similar to my own age, and it really hit me that I was now the “boss.” I went from doing all this myself to suddenly having a team! I’ll also never forget when I was at a New York Public Library event talking to a guest. They commented about how much they “loved Flower Girl” and I thought to myself, “you know Flower Girl?” The fact that they knew Flower Girl was amazing to me! It’s great when I receive emails from customers and fans who express how much I’ve inspired them — to realize that doing what I love has become and inspiration for others.

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Author: Caitlin Kruse