Glitter Girl: Anh of 9to5 Chic

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Glitter Girl: Anh Sundstrom

Glitter Girl, Anh of 9 to 5 Chic, effortlessly transforms her highly-enviable weekend wear to create work-appropriate ensembles that leave us all inspired to up the business casual ante! Mixing textures and prints as well as classic with trendy pieces, Anh instinctively creates looks that can just as easily be worn to the office as out for cocktails in the city.

Left, Valentino Skirt and Chloe Pumps displayed over a charcoal abstract painting by Dmitri Kourouniotis. Right, Chanel Purse and Aqua for Bloomingdale’s Necklace.

Have you always had a fondness for fashion? What compelled you to begin blogging?
Yes – absolutely!  As soon as I could drive myself to the mall, I worked two jobs simultaneously (one at a shoe store and one at a clothing store).  You could say I was well on my way to building an expansive wardrobe of clothes and shoes within a few months!  I started blogging because work has me thinking/writing/speaking/acting seriously all of the time.  Blogging has become sort of my remedy, and most importantly, my creative outlet!

Describe your style in a few words.
Oh, this is far too easy! Nine-to-Five Chic.

Anh displays her sunglasses and jewelry for inspiration. Sunglasses: Prada, Stella McCartney, Burberry, Stella McCartney, H&M. Banana Republic Necklace. Assorted rings: CC Skye, H&M

To what / where do you turn for inspiration?
I turn to the amazing fashion bloggers I follow, as well as fashion magazines. Inspiration is truly everywhere; you just have to look around, find it, and make it your own.

Are you longing to delve into any specific summer trends?
I’m having a lot of fun with color this year! It is amazing to experience the effect it can have on your outlook – bright colors really do make you feel more cheerful!

What is your go-to item for an instant boost of confidence?
For instant confidence, I turn to leopard prints.  There’s no quicker way to feeling like you can take over the world!

Anh in a Dolce & Gabbana Blouse, Zara Skirt, and Alaia Heels

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  • Anna Jane

    Great article! I love Anh’s blog and style and am in total envy of her shoe and accessory collection. Not only does she write one of my favorite blogs but she is one of the sweetest people, ever!

  • Sweet Nothings

    LOVE THIS! Anh’s blog is one of my favorites..a lot of times on fashion blogs I see women who wear stuff to work that is fabulous, but I would be fired before I walked in the door. She proves that working in corporate america doesnt mean boring pant suits!

    I’m wondering if she walks to work in her heels though :)

  • Christine @ court + hudson

    I love Anh’s blog – so down to earth and relatable. She is also the sweetest – not that I’ve ever met her in person! Never too busy to respond to a comment or a tweet. So while her wardrobe and style make her a glitter girl – her personality is definitely the icing on the (sparkly) cake!

  • Raquel

    AH! Must have that skirt from H&M! Is it still available?!

  • Ranu

    Love this and Anh’s style. I just recently discovered her blog and can’t get enough of her chic style and down-to-earth voice! Great feature! Dying over the shoes.

  • Hope

    She is beautiful! I love her style. Thanks for such a great post!


  • Michelle | GOLD-HEARTED GIRL

    Wow, I love her style! Thanks for the introduction!

  • Julie & Lauren

    I love reading Anh’s blog- she has such a sweet spirit and amazing taste! Such a treat to see her daily style selections as well as a peek into her home life. Great article.

  • Michelle Jones

    I too am a 9 to 5-er and look forward to inspiration from Anh’s blog each day! Sometimes it’s hard working a corporate job and trying to be fashionable, but Anh does it effortlessly!


  • RosaLovesDC

    I love Anh’s style too! Gorgeous pictures!

  • Lisa

    I love it! I feel this way all the time. i LOVE fashion but lifestyle does not allow me to indulge as freely as I’d like. so I tend to post about things that inspire me rather than what I actually wear. Now i’m wondering…maybe i should start posting for the ‘marketing consultant/mom” thing that i am. Part time casual clothes and part time professional clothing.

  • Amanda

    Anh has a tremendous sense of style. I love the classy image she projects with her wardrobe, her home and her open and approachable writing. 9to5Chic is as much a morning treat as my coffee!

  • Anna of IHOD

    Really enjoyed reading more about Anh! Fun Q& A! And her sunglass collection is enviable! 😀

  • highfashion4less

    Love this feature of Anh! As a 9 to 5er myself, she is the perfect source of inspiration to dress fashionable and chic at work:) Love it!

  • Noelle

    I abolutely adore Anh’s blog! She is a fountain of inspiration. I am envious of her beautiful shoes and bags. Accessories are my favorite thing about getting dressed, and Anh does it beautifully.

  • Maria

    Love Anh! She has such a classic and beautiful style aesthetic.

  • katie

    those shoes! those cute puppies!

    Anh is a big inspiration to me, working in a conservative industry & needing a creative outlet – i certainly feel the same (accountancy doesn’t really push my buttons, i need to relax when i leave the office!)

    great work Glitter Guide!

    Katie x

  • Sherry

    Great interview!! She’s definitely one of my favorites!! Her hair is always so perfect! Beautiful photos!

  • Regina

    Awesome article, love Anh’s ensembles, she has great taste and blog!


  • rachael

    I’ve followed her blog for quite some time and I love it! She does an excellent job at mixing colors,prints and textures and the perfect thing about it is that she wears outfits that work for day and night.

    Great post!

  • Marie

    This is such a great article and Anh really is inspiring!

  • Macy Celeste

    Great article and I absolutely LOVE her style! Gorgeous pictures!

  • Judy

    Love this story!!! I always love reading Anh’s blogs!

  • Erin

    Thank you for leading me to Anh’s blog! She is just a bundle of energy and she exudes beauty!


  • Lauren

    LOVE this article! Great Q&A. More of these please glitterguide !

  • South Moon Under

    Awesome interview, fashion, and photos!

  • Patience

    Love her style and her blog!


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  • Republik Hijab

    love her style, she really knows how to put together beautiful outfit.

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