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Hello Glitter Girls, Megan of MIMI+MEG here with a collection of gadgets every girl needs! From having an instant dance party to always keeping lemon or cucumber water on hand, these gadgets will keep you living the sparkly life all summer long!

1. Smart phone & stylish cover. Nowadays it’s necessary to have a smart phone, especially one with a decent camera. Keep yours safe with a cool cover like this one from Kate Spade.
2. Balloon USB Speaker. So you can break out a dance party wherever you are!
3. Wrapster Headphone Cord Organizer. Never get your headphones tangled again with these adorable cord organizers — and there are several colors to choose from.
4. Nalu Waver. Achieve natural-looking waves by using this gadget for your luscious locks.
5. Coffee Jouiles. Keep your cup of Joe at the perfect drinking temperature.
6. CB2 Ceylon Pitcher. Always have lemon or cucumber water on hand!
7. Double Dish. Perfect for serving nuts, olives, and edamame at your next stylish fête. Bonus: slip the pits, shells and pods into the bottom dish.
8. Clarisonic Mia. Getting rave reviews, this gadget isn’t just for the skin on your face! Use all over for maximum exfoliation.

Megan is an entrepreneur, artist, blogger, social media and Internet junkie. Check out her blog for endless inspiration.

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