Megan Biram Paintings

What’s hot this summer? Artist Megan Biram of MIMI+MEG painted this hot-hued piece that we adore.

“I was so inspired by my favorite season, the warm summer, that I did several paintings with shades of pink, orange, yellow and white. summer 1 is acrylic and gouache on a “10×10” stretched and gallery wrapped canvas. It has several layers of paint to create a complex texture. If you look closely you can see a tiny bit of blue and silver through the layers which make me think about how with every summer there are a few cloudy rainy days, but I much prefer the sun, which is reflected in the warm colors I chose to work with. Ironically, I’m playing with glitter and sequins in some upcoming paintings and sculptures…right up a Glitter Girl’s alley.” —Megan Biram

Megan also has a variety of beautiful artwork that she paints with her body! Yes, you read that correctly! Megan was inspired by the incredibly strong women in her life who’ve suffered from breast cancer and decided to experiment with her breasts as her brush (“boob paintings” as she calls them). She also dedicates 5% of the profits to breast cancer. How cool is that?!

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