Glitter Girl: LA Times Fashion Editor Melissa Magsaysay

As fashion editor of the L.A. Times, writer and stylist Melissa Magsaysay is exceptionally well-versed in the inner workings of the fashion industry. Gravitating towards clean lines and simple staples, this Glitter Girl constructs masculinized ensembles with a firm sense of sleek femininity. Bursting at the seams with stripes, versatile jewelry, and chic practicality, Melissa’s wardrobe is a reminder that less can oftentimes be more!

Gold jewelry is simple but makes a statement. Melissa’s collection includes a J. Crew bracelet and a wooden bead bracelet with Saint charms from Lourdes, France.

A Corey Lynn Calter blazer, 3.1 Phillip Lim tuxedo pants, Elizabeth & James heels, Anya Hindmarch clutch, Alexis Bittar gold cuff.

How did your love of fashion come about?
It probably started by watching the way my mother put clothes together. She’s so stylish and always coordinated — and perhaps most impressively, she was really resourceful. She can put inexpensive pieces together to make an outfit look like a million bucks. She was doing high-low way before it was cool. Also, I became obsessed with magazines when I was about twelve years old. I read everything from Sassy to W, and archived every issue with the care that boys put into keeping their baseball cards or comic books. I think that constantly reading those magazines and looking at the photos, models, and styling inspired my love of fashion (and inspired me to make fashion and editorial a career).

Describe your personal style. How has it evolved over the years?
It’s always been pretty conservative, put-together, and structured. I’ve always favored neutral colors and minimal accessories. I’ve just never been attracted to pastels or wearing a lot of jewelry, but I’ve gotten more into accessories; they just have to be the right pieces. My style has gotten more preppy and a little tomboyish over the past few years, so I guess I would still describe it as classic, understated, and sophisticated with a little tomboy twist.

What are some of your wardrobe essentials?
Striped shirts of all sorts. I can’t seem to shake my attraction to stripes. I think the classic tomboy / preppy thing I seem to gravitate toward is summed up pretty well in one Breton-style striped shirt. Also, ankle boots of all kinds — I have green ones, black ones, tan ones, gray ones…I wear them like house slippers. They work with all of my jeans and trousers and even a few dresses and skirts, depending on the length. You always want to keep the leg looking long and lean, and sometimes an ankle boot can pull that off.

Left, An enviable collection of sunglasses, including Fendi, Derek Lam, Celine, Miu Miu, and Ray Ban. Right, Melissa displays her Mulberry Alexa leopard print handbag.

My favorite item in my closet is _______.
A pair of brown leather loafers I bought in Buenos Aires…and my jackets, denim, army, tan trench, black rabbit fur, and a pair of cropped black tux pants.

Is there a specific designer(s) or store(s) that best correspond(s) to your style?
Probably Phillip Lim. I have a lot of staple pieces as well as some cocktail dresses from him that make a really good foundation for my wardrobe. I also love Ferragamo shoes and Mulberry bags.

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Author: Jennifer F.

Jennifer Finn is a writer and editor sustained primarily by espresso and jazz standards.

  • Love her style! I’d say she’s more into accessories than she might think…she rocked some sweet jewelry in these photos!

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