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Greetings, Glitter Girls! It’s Katrina from Pugly Pixel. I’m happy to share an easy tutorial that will show you how to make your own confetti calling cards. Last year, my friend Margaret from Paper Pastries wrote a post about DIY Calling Cards made with a customizable stamp kit (you know — those stamp kits that are sold at office supply stores like Staples and Office Depot). Her cards turned out adorably, so I decided to follow suit and make my own using supplies I already had on hand: business card-sized glassine envelopes and colorful tissue paper.

Here’s how you can make your own:

1. Punch a bushel of tissue confetti.
2. Stamp your name and info on 2.25 x 3.5 inch glassine envelopes (you can buy them from Clear Bags). The ink takes a long time to dry. I’d recommend that you let them dry naturally overnight. Refrain from using a blowdryer, because the heat will add wrinkles to the envelopes.
3. After the ink dries, fill your envelopes with a pinch of confetti.
4. To secure the confetti, seal the envelopes with tiny gold stickers or glitter tape (stay tuned for the tutorial).

If want something a bit more “bling-y” than tissue paper, you can substitute sequins or glitter! Your custom-made calling cards will put a smile on the face of everyone lucky enough to receive one. Bling!

  • http://theblondemuse.blogspot.com Renée

    Love this idea!! xo

  • http://www.domestikatedlife.com Kate {domestikatedlife}

    Love this idea, it’s so cute! It would be great for a party planner

  • http://www.heartedgirl.com/ Lynn

    Katrina sets the bar for me consistently with her incredible talent of design, she is so innovative with fresh takes from her own inspirations. i adore her and she is definitely my no.1 resource to go to for anything creative. her space is a “ziner’s” dream. the calling cards are so loved!!!! awesome to see them shared her girls. cheers!

  • http://www.fashionablybombed.com Fashionably Bombed

    OMG! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!!!

  • Cyan B

    Here’s an idea…(if you want something that is one solid piece that you don’t have to worry about spilling open). Have you seen the tutorials where you take crayon shavings and put it betwen two pieces of wax paper and iron it? Wouldn’t that work for this? Put the shavings between the wax paper (shiny side in), iron it, cut into business card sized squares, stamp it. Would be adorable and very similar to yours… :)

  • Andi

    Too cute! I would enjoying making them and just keeping them for myself. But I should probably pass them out right :)

  • http://delightfulbitefuls.blogspot.com/ Mary @ Delightful Bitefuls

    This is so great!!!

  • http://toastsandspills.blogspot.com/ Macy Celeste

    LOVE this idea! Thanks for sharing! They’re so cute.


  • http://Intothefoldfashion.blogspot.com camilla

    this is so cute, would be amazing for some blogger business cards

    x Camilla


  • http://www.blubungalow.com Hazel {Blu Bungalow}

    i LOVE this idea. it’s soooo cute and affordable. definitely going to keep this on file.


  • http://www.unikapparel.com Rose

    Lovely idea!

  • http://www.lovesarasophia.com Sara Sophia

    I LOVE!!! Definitely planning to make these in the near future—what a fabulous tutorial <3

  • http://www.releasemecreate.blogspot.com Maureen

    So cute! Love it!

  • http://www.kittiesandcouture.com/ Maria

    Adorable idea!

  • http://www.style-edition.com Meagan @ Style-Edition

    These are darling– What a great idea! I want to make some, but I don’t want to be a total copycat!

  • http://lillypondering.blogspot.com lilly

    ooh! I’m going to make these too!! Such a lovely idea! Thanks:)

  • http://mickeyandgrace.etsy.com Dana

    So cute, creative and eye-catching!!

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  • Brittany

    Do you think if I used little letter stamps so I can make each one different this would works as wedding place cards?

  • reilynndesigns

    I love this! Such a cute idea- I am Pinning it for future use!

  • emma

    are these cards strong enough to keep in a bag or pocket or wallet like normal business cards? I love the idea, i just want to make sure!

    • Lisa B.

      I was thinking the same thing about dua ility/strength. You could probably add a small card sized piece of thicker vellum to the inside. You would still see the confetti.

  • dolly

    this is very interesting!

  • Kaidrea Stockman

    This is awesome! I will definitely have to try this since my creations are under the name bead confetti jewelry. I will try making my own envelops with wax paper.

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