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Green Smoothie 2

Hey Glitter Girls! Crystalin from In the City with Crystalin here to share some healthy and delicious smoothies with you! Blending up favorite fruits and vegetables is one of my go-to afternoon snacks. Not only do they fill me up, but they’re also loaded with a ton of nutrients. They almost always satisfy my sweet tooth! The best part about making smoothies? Every recipe is adaptable to your personal taste and what you may have on hand at home. My current favorite: frozen strawberries, almond milk, and dates. Smoothielicious!

Give these healthy concoctions a whirl, and sip your way through summer. Enjoy!


Mango Ginger — 2 cups frozen Mango, 1 cup frozen raspberries, 1 banana, ¼ cup chopped ginger, squeeze of lime, yogurt.


Strawberry Date — 1 date, 1 ½ cup frozen strawberries, 1 cup almond milk. Optional: 1 scoop protein powder or 1 TBL of flaxseed oil.

Indulge (guilt-free):

Chocolate Peanut Butter —  2 TBL unsweetened cocoa powder, 2 TBL peanut butter, ½ banana, 1 cup almond milk, ice. 320 calories total.


Green Smoothie — 1 cup baby spinach, 1 cup kale, 1 pear, 1 ½ cup of orange juice, and 1 frozen banana.

  • Andrea Howe

    To make the green smoothie even cleaner, I like to use distilled water instead of juice. Cuts the calories and sugar intake too :)

  • Lindsay

    Although the mango ginger certainly looks refreshing and delicious, I may need the green detox after a long weekend!

  • Emily @ Glitz Glam Granola

    Oh these recipes look great! I have been obsessed with smoothies lately! I like the idea of adding the date in for some added sweetness and fiber! Great recipes :)

  • Kate Apessos

    I want them all!!

  • janelle//the style eater

    those smoothies look amazinggggg. especially the mango/ginger!

  • Marie

    I’ve been looking for smoothie recipes.. They all really look delish! Need to buy ingredients ASAP!!

  • Erin Hollemans

    This may sound like a silly questions but what kinda of blender to you use for your smoothies? A regular sized blender or something smaller that makes individual smoothies like a magic bullet blender?

  • glitterguide

    @Erin –I can’t speak for Crystalin (who made these) but I use a regular one and they come out great!

  • Nikki

    The indulge looks BOMB!!! yummmm

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  • Brenda Weaver

    I made the green detox smoothie this morning for our breakfast and was so surprised how good it was! Even my kids liked it, for the most part. Thanks for sharing! I’ll definitely make it again and will be trying the others too!

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  • Val

    You could use water and lemon in place of the orange juice. Both ways are delicious. Avocado is another delicious and healthy thing to add to.

    • Aira

      At last! Someone with real expiretse gives us the answer. Thanks!

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  • Darcey

    These all sound FABulous! I pinned them all and am adding the ingredients to my shopping list! Yumm! Thanks for sharing!

  • darci

    I just made the chocolate banana smoothie….OMG Amazing! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!

  • danette

    How do you get your smoothies so smooth?? I bought a Ninja professional blender this weekend and it is very nice, but for the life of me I cannot get my kale blended smooth, it is more finely chopped, which is hard to drink for me?? I start with the kale aand water and blend that first…what can I do???

    • Janet @ Cul de Sac Chic

      Before I got my Vitamix I used to freeze fresh greens and crinkle them in the bag to pieces once frozen before blending. It helps a lot.

    • Bekerella

      Get a Vitamix?

    • christing

      I have a vitamix.  I put my greens in first, so they are on the bottom, mixing first with the liquid…. and I start fairly low until the greens are almost smooth before the rest of the stuff ‘falls down’ in to them.  Then I gradually increase the power.  Trial and error…

    • Vicky Bandy

      I got the Ninja Auto IQ for bf for Christmas. I blends very smooth!

  • Fetesha

    That detox one looks interesting. Definitely want to try it. Thanks for all the recipes!

  • Nicole

    Both my kids and I love the detox smoothie. And they have never liked any other smoothies! I can’t believe my kids are sucking down two bunches of kale & spinach a week. Thanks so much for the great ideas.

  • Christina

    Just made the green smoothie! My kids loved it! My little one even started crying when it was all gone because she wanted more! Great way to get some leafy greens for my kids who normally won’t eat anything green!

  • Autumn

    What kind of protein powder do you use?

  • Anna

    How much yogurt do you use in the Refresh smoothie?!

  • Victoria

    anyone know for sure the calories in the detox smoothie??? I did the math but just want to make sure I’m right.

    • Barbara

      Using the LoseIt! app, I get 248 cals, .5g fat, 56mg sodium, 64g carb, 9g fiber, 40g sugar, 3g protein. I used Trop50 orange juice to cut down on the sugar. Next time I’ll also add 30g of protein via vanilla powder. Yummy!!!

    • Todd Little

      This is the nutritional breakdown of the detox smoothie.

  • mindy

    Lou and I just tried the detox smoothie… cannot believe how delicious and refreshing it is. Easy to make too! We used all organic ingredients and might use the distilled water with lemon juice to lower the caloric count. YUMM!!!

  • Victoria

    Yum to all of them!! I shared the strawberry one on my blog:

  • Terry Perron

    Just made the detox green smoothie
    I used strawberry’s instead of a pear and almond milk in place of the OJ
    I put in 2 tablespoons of plain yogurt
    love it

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  • Idknow

    Do u really want 1/4cup of ginger or did u mean 1/4tbs???

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  • Debbie Smith

    How would you add protein to these smoothies? They look so good, yogurt? Protein powder?

  • Susie Borja


  • Vanessa F

    Allergic to citrus (knocks out orange juice, lemon juice). Any suggestions besides water as a possible substitute for the OJ in the detox smoothie?

    • Sarah Alexander

      Try using coconut water. They have a few options now I did the detox smoothie with coconut water with mango and it was good.

  • Hele anderson

    green smoothie is delish. i used one cup water and 1/2 cup OJ to cut sugar

    • Wendy

      That’s a good idea. Will try that next time.

  • Blue_louis_vuitton

    Just ingredients listed or do you add Ice or anything?

  • Shauna

    I tried the indulge and refresh smoothie both were delicious! The indulge is my favorite so far! :)

  • Felicianna

    The Indulge smoothie could have less calories if you use PB2 instead of peanut butter, it is amazing powdered peanut butter that has all the good stuff in but less fat and calories!

  • Heather H

    Just made the mango-ginger.  It is so incredibly tasty!  Thanks for sharing!

  • Gemie

    do you need a juicer to make these or just good ole kitchen blender?

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  • Ashleyd806

    Ive never made a smoothie but will be trying a few of these w/ in the next couple af days!!! All of these looks delicious! Will let you know how they turn out!

  • Ashleyd806

    Just made the indulge smoothie and the taste of it was very good! I even tried almond milk for my first time and really liked it!! The only thing that I was insure of is how thick the smoothie was supposed to turn out? Maybe I didn’t add enough ice but my smoothie was more like a drink. Feel free to let me know what I did wrong or what can be added?

  • Alexandragallardo

    Does the detox smoothie really clean you out like to lose weight or is it just to cleanse the body??

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  • Diet Smoothies

    I love a cold smoothie especially on a hot summer day. And this smoothie looks tasty and healthy. I run on the morning so I usually have a cold smoothie after my run and it is so refreshing. I have found several smoothies so I can alternative recipes.

  • weightloss

    I love a cold smoothie especially on a hot summer day. And this smoothie looks tasty and healthy. I run on the morning so I usually have a cold smoothie after my run and it is so refreshing. I have found several smoothies so I can alternative recipes.

  • best skin care tips

    I am always looking for news ways to stay healthy. I am looking looking for the best skin care products and healthy recipes so I am definitely putting this on my list.

  • Yolanda Pasillas

    Can anyone tell me if these recipes are considered “one serving”? I just made the green detox…WOW! It’s great! Like others, my children liked it too. But I did feel like maybe I was drinking to big of a serving size. Next time I might decrease OJ and sub with distilled H20 like others suggested.

  • Yolanda Pasillas

    Can anyone tell me if these recipes are considered “one serving”? I just made the green detox…WOW! It’s great! Like others, my children liked it too. But I did feel like maybe I was drinking to big of a serving size. Next time I might decrease OJ and sub with distilled H20 like others suggested.


    how fast do you see results with this. PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP.

  • Gleeky_asian

    I was wondering for the detox smoothie, what kind of orange juice do you use? Fresh orange juice or store bought sunny d?

    • gobears321

      Please disregard the two “dislikes” on this question…I was messing around with my clicker and accidentally did that. It’s a great question! haha.

    • Cat

      sunny d isn’t orange juice, it’s just a (yummy) orange colored “drink”

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  • LaurenMichelle

    For the green detox smoothie, I used Tropicana 50 Calcium + Vit. D- You can’t tell the difference and it cuts down on the sugar and calories in the smoothie!

  • Wendy

    Just made this except I added a chunk of frozen pineapple in stead of ice. Delish! Wasnt sure that I’d like it. Im going to try with an orange flavored water to get the flavor w/o the added sugar from the OJ. Bananas are high in sugar too if I’m not mistaken.

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  • Crystal W.

    Making the chocolate peanut butter smoothie tonight for the whole fam….can’t wait! thanks for sharing!!

  • Brittany Leigh Scheck

    im allergic to citrus among other fruits) (pineapple, oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruit) and am looking for a healthy green smoothie. help!! <3 please email me @ – dont know if I will remember to check back here

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  • morgan

    Indulgence shake was gross.

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  • Jessica

    Did you mean 1/4 tablespoon and not a 1/4 CUP of ginger for the mango/ginger smoothie??

  • Tabitha

    Dear lord don’t put 1/4 CUP of ginger, you won’t be able to drink it. More like a tsp would be great.

  • Ana Luiza

    Love the Detox smoothie! Great for when you don’t want dairy.

    I just featured the Detox smoothie on my blog post of favorite breakfast smoothies

  • Lucy Taylor
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  • guest

    Do not eat good food but need healthy too. for nutrients I prefer to use cara mengobati keputihan gatal

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  • Joshua

    The green smoothie looks delicious. Power packed with protein. That would make a good pre/post workout smoothie with organic hemp protein. Yummmm!

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