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We love spending Sunday mornings at the local Farmers’ Market, but sometimes find ourselves slightly overwhelmed by the abundance of choices available. To quell our uncertainty, we asked Caroline — a food blogger and photographer — to show us the ropes. Caroline traveled to the Santa Cruz Farmers’ Market, where she scouted out the local blooms, picked up some fresh fruit and veggies, and even sampled a savory ice cream treat!

Hi, Glitter Girls! Caroline of C0eur de La here! While attending school at UC Santa Cruz, one of my favorite things to do after class was to head to the Wednesday Farmers’ Market. You could (and still can!) find me there almost every Wednesday, tote in hand and ready to pick up fruits, veggies, and fresh flowers!

Whether you’re throwing a dinner party, hosting a small get-together, or simply looking to fill your home with fresh flowers, I urge you to visit your local farmers’ market. Not only will you get more bang for your buck, but you’ll also experience the privilege of picking flowers at their freshest and finest!

How To: A Summer Afternoon Flower Arrangement

I recently put together the flower arrangements for my graduation party, and they were a hit! To keep costs low, I used what I already had on hand. Mason jars made for perfect vases! The morning of the party, I purchased several bouquets of hardy flowers that would last in the heat (sunflowers are a great option!). As a special treat, I even let guests take them home at the end of the night.

What you’ll need:

– Two bouquets of flowers (go with a mixed bunch)
– Fresh lavender for garnishing (I substitute lavender for baby’s breath!)
– Mason jars (or your choice of vase)
– Heavy duty scissors
– Newspaper to cover your counters


1. Undo the flowers in the bouquet and separate each flower to see what you’re working with.
2. Cut the stems (at an angle) to your preferred size.
3. Remove any excess leaves from the bases of the stems.
4. Put your base flowers (the ones in the center that you want to stand out) in first.
5. Add smaller flowers, focusing on the colors, patterns, and themes that you want your arrangement to have. {My advice: be creative, but keep things simple!}
6. Garnish with sprigs of lavender here & there.
7. Add water to your vase(s).
8. Using a spray bottle, lightly spray your flowers to give them a dewy look. I love how they glimmer afterwards!

Photography: Coeur de La

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