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Written by on July 26, 2011 in Gadgets, Shopping - 7 Comments

Megan from MIMI+MEG here with more gadget finds. Sometimes I wonder how I’ve gotten through life without some of these goodies!

1. Blue Lounge Cable Box Cord Organizer: Unsightly cords under your desk? Tuck them away in this nifty box — your choice of 6 colors.
2. Grobal Planter: No green thumb here! Thanks to this self-watering planter, my plants have to water themselves!
3. Aphrodite USB Hub: Functional and fun at the same time!
4. Zoku Quick Pop Maker: Beat the heat and make your own frozen treats in less than 9 minutes!
5. Native Union POP Phone: Plug this handset into your phone, computer, or iPad to chat like the good ‘ol days.
6. Sally Hansen See the Light Slant Tip Lighted Tweezer: Never tweeze in bad lighting again! This bad boy has a light included.
7. Vera Bradley Curling Iron Cover: The solution to packing your hot curling iron on your way out the door.

  • Krista

    Another amazing post! I absolutely love the curling iron cover (would work for a flat iron too, yay!) and the Aprodite USB hub. Great finds!

  • Paula

    love them all! but I MUST HAVE the Aphrodite USB Hub.. fun and stylish!! NEED.NOW.

  • Kyboe USA

    I must have the phone handset! How wonderful to be able to talk holding the phone between my shoulder and ear again! The bright colors are great. Thank you for sharing.

  • Sara B

    Love all of these! You always find the cutest stuff!

  • rachael

    I want all of these things, especially number 3!!

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  • jessica

    #1,3 and 5 I want!

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