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Statement necklaces to drool over, super-sized diamond earrings, and flashy bangles are just a few of our favorite jewels found on the new shopping site: BaubleBar. Amy Jain and Daniella Yacobovsky launched BaubleBar in hopes of providing customers with high quality, fashion-forward jewelry at reasonable price points. The adorable New York City duo took a minute to chat with us about their growing business and favorite baubles.

Why did you decide to start BaubleBar?
While shopping for shoes we realized we did not have a go-to place to buy fashion jewelry. We felt that the shopping experience was cumbersome and that the value you were getting for your dollar was less than for shoes or handbags. Finally, most retailers treat jewelry as an after-thought, an impulse purchase they hope you’ll pick up on your way to the register, and nobody was taking the time to really highlight key jewelry trends and give great guidance on styling and layering. We decided to build the ultimate haven for fashion jewelry – one that would provide a fun shopping experience at unparalleled value while also delivering style guidance.

Many of us dream of launching our own business, do you have any suggestions for someone trying to start a company of their own?
It’s important to be flexible and adaptable to change. Several of our initial theses about the business proved to be wrong. It’s important to keep an open mind, test your assumptions, listen to your customer, and change the business as necessary.

Whatʼs your favorite BaubleBar moment so far?
The day we found out Rihanna wore our earrings to the Grammys was a pretty huge moment. At that point we had only been up and running for about two months. It was absolutely shocking and exciting to see such a huge star wear us to a major event. The news came so suddenly, and we were all just overwhelmed with giddiness.

What are your favorite websites to browse for BaubleBar inspiration?

We love Net-A-Porter’s strong editorial point of view and incredible selection of product. Burberry is one luxury brand that really nails it in terms of having a site that is very easy for the user to navigate. It has fun editorial touches as well! Their Art of The Trench portion of the site is brilliantly done, and completely beautiful. We read Refinery29 quite regularly and love how they feature products at a wide range of price points, proving you don’t have to break the bank to look stylish (a key BaubleBar philosophy).

Whatʼs your current favorite BaubleBar product?
Daniella: This summer we’ve all been going a little crazy layering on tons of bracelets and I’ve been all over that trend. I love to start with a piece with some punchy color, and the Red Links bangle is perfect for it. It’s a gorgeous “tough chic” bracelet with this unexpected pop of candy apple red, and looks great mixed with other bangles and leather wraps.
Amy: I’ve been wearing the Ladder Bead Jumble Necklace with everything. It’s a really great mix of feminine and tougher accents, and done in the most flattering color palette.

How do you describe your personal style?
Daniella: My style is more eclectic, as I tend to mix it up regularly. Though anyone who knows me knows that I love leather in pretty much any form: skirts, pants tank tops, you name it.
Amy: I definitely wear more classic and feminine pieces. Dresses are my go-to wardrobe staple, and I love anything yellow!

How do you add sparkle to your life?
It’s so important to take time out of your schedule to do the things that allow you to recharge your battery and keep a fresh perspective on everything. For Amy that’s spinning class and trying new restaurants, and for Daniella it’s baking and Bikram yoga.

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Author: Caitlin Kruse