Workout Gear: Yoga

Written by on August 3, 2011 in Fitness & Health, Lifestyle - 7 Comments

Hey ladies, it’s Megan from MIMI+MEG here with an entire roundup of yoga items since so many of you commented on the pink Yantra Yoga bag from the last workout gear post! If you’re new to yoga, this is everything you’ll need to survive your first class!

1. Manduka Black Mat Pro: I’ve heard that this mat lasts years, so I bought it. It’s worth the price.
2. agoy Gold Buddah Faux Leather Urban Yoga Bag: This yoga bag was made for Glitter Girls!
3. bkr glass bottle + silicone sleeve in ripe: All Clean Everything, bkr’s slogan, refers to the high green and safety standards this bottle meets.
4. Gap Ombre Racerback Tank: Whoever decided to use ombre in workout clothing is genius!
5. Cork Block: Unless you’re as limber as a rubber band, you’ll probably need one of these for a while.
6. Lucy Power Double Strap Headband: Keeping my hair out of my face is must while perfecting my crow pose.
7. agoy Deluxe Mat Hot Pink: For the pink lovers out there!
8. eQua Hand Towel: Within 15 minutes I’m a hot mess. I recommend the mat towel, too.
9. Manduka Practice Tote Mat Carrier: The grommets let your mat and towel breathe between classes.
10. Yoga Strap: Can’t do Extended Hand-to-Big-Toe? That’s what the strap is for.

  • Anna

    I seriously need to try out Yoga ASAP!

  • Shauna D.

    Is 10 a stretching strap? I don’t see it listed in your list, just the picture. I so need to get one!

  • glitterguide

    Shauna–Oops we fixed it. We’ve added it to #10!

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  • lara / the glossarie.

    i have that gap tank and i love it! and it definitely might be time for me to commit to a manduka…

  • Krista

    Finally!! Thanks Megan – this is pure awesome. You exceeded my expectations <3

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