Drybar’s 6 Steps To A Great Blowout

“No Cuts. No color. Only blowouts at $35 a styling session.” This refreshingly simple (and affordable) concept made Drybar an overnight success. With a bar-inspired menu including the signature Straight-up, Beachy, messy Mai Tai, and voluminous Southern Comfort, Drybar has a variety of styles for every occasion. We love that we can pop in, charge our iPhones, watch a chick flick, and drink champagne — all while getting our hair styled! Drybar founder Ali Webb understands the secret to a great blowout, so we asked her to break it down into a few easy steps!

Drybar’s Signature “Straight Up” Blowout (a basic blowout with a little bit of volume):

1. For best blowout results, start off with super clean hair – a clarifying shampoo is great. A light application of conditioner, mainly on the ends, will help ensure a long-lasting blowout.
2. To achieve a basic blowout with a little bit of body (a.k.a. Drybar’s “Straight Up”), start with L’Oreal Professional Volume Expand Mousse. Always apply the product evenly through your hair — go easy on the roots!
3. Make sure to work in very clean, small sections — this will make it much easier to handle and control your hair. Section off your hair into 4-6 sections and completely dry each section before moving on to the next.
4. Use a medium-sized round brush to smooth out the hair from the roots to ends. To achieve some bend and bounce at the bottom, wrap the hair from mid-length to end around your brush and give it a cool shot to seal the curl.

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Stay tuned. We’re heading to the new San Francisco Drybar this weekend and documenting our experience. We can’t wait to share!

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