Glitter Girl: Lily Of Sorrelli Jewelry

Born & raised surrounded by the business of bling (her parents own Sorrelli Jewelry!), Glitter Girl Lily Oswald is no stranger to sparkle. Drawing on her intrinsic immersion in jewelry, Lily also worked diligently to launch a collaborative collection with a modern twist: MiMi by Sorrelli! Undaunted by the innovative responsibilities her position requires, Lily exudes a seemingly infinite supply of creative energy on a daily basis. From her bubbly enthusiasm to her sparkly demeanor, Lily shimmers from the inside out!

Lily relaxes in her office in front of Graham & Brown wallpaper and a Pottery Barn desk. She wears an Elizabeth & James blazer, Vila leather shorts, Sorrelli Avant Garde necklace, Sorrelli ring, and Elie Tahari heels.

Congrats on launching your own jewelry line, MiMi by Sorrelli! Tell us a bit about your inspiration for some of the pieces/collections.
The experience of conceptualizing and then launching the MiMi by Sorrelli collection has been a complete dream-come-true for me. I work with an amazing team to make the collections happen: my mom and two full-time Sorrelli designers, Mike and Rose. Back in 2009, we collaboratively started the first MiMi by Sorrelli collection — it had an urban, deconstructed feel. Our current season collection for Fall 2011 (launching Monday here) is one of my favorites so far. We used hundreds of mirrored squares throughout the line, as well as lots of mixed metal layers to create fabulous and inventive pieces. The collection is called “Gaia” (the Greek goddess of the Earth), which I think is fitting and speaks to our inspiration for the collection. This collection, though shiny and bright in many ways, also has some earthly simplicity to it. It’s very textured, and uses shapes that feel like sculpted little rocks and stones in a deconstructed way. We just finished designing our 8th MiMi collection for Spring 2012. There will be lots of crystal accents, but also a generally more glamorous southwestern vibe this time around. I live in the country now, less than a half mile away from the house I grew up in, but I’m in love with the city. I look back oh-so-fondly at all of my city life experiences, from living in Malaga, to Manhattan, to Shanghai. My inspiration for MiMi by Sorrelli comes largely from these urban experiences. I’m constantly inspired by people-watching opportunities and the allure of the urban woman.

Lily sips lemonade on her sun-drenched front porch in a J.Crew silk blouse, Missoni skirt, Sorrelli necklaces, coral beads, and Sorrelli rings, bracelets, and earrings.

What is your favorite part about working in such a creative environment?
There are two things I love about working in the creative enclave of Sorrelli. I thrive off of the creative energy shared between myself and those around me. The collaborative aspect of jewelry design — producing photo shoots and designing our catalogs, web pages, and all Sorrelli collateral — is extremely energizing for me. I love having a back-and-forth with my colleagues, and feeding off of each other’s creative energy. My other favorite part is being able to channel my own creative energy. I can’t imagine working in an environment where creativity is not essential to the role! It’s just part of who I am and what I do. I’m very fortunate that in all I do (from working in the jewelry design studio to producing our photo shoots), I’m constantly making creative decisions and helping to write the visual language at Sorrelli. It also helps to have super creative parents to help out and give great advice along the way.

Andalossi handbag, Fendi scarf, and Anya Hindmarch for Target clutch are bejeweled with a MiMi by Sorrelli bracelet and Sorrelli cuff in the grassy front yard of Lily’s home.

How would you define your personal style?
My friend Mike (and the main designer I work with on all MiMi by Sorrelli collections) once referred to my personal style as “disheveled chic.” I think his description fits. My personal style is a mixture of classic chic and boho eccentric, but I don’t take myself or my wardrobe too seriously. There’s usually a wrinkle or a hair out of place somewhere in every Lily ensemble. I rarely plan my outfits in advance, and am usually running out the door late to some local event, meeting in NY, or social gathering. I’m a very goofy person, and I think my innate silliness typically shines through in my personal style.

Mom and daughter sit perched outside the family home in Kutztown, PA. Left, Lily wears a vintage sequin dress, Ray-Ban club master glasses, lots of pearls, and Rebecca Minkoff clutch. Right, Lisa wears vintage sequin top, Express shorts, Sorrelli necklace, and Ann Taylor pumps.

What is your favorite way to wear jewelry? Do you like to layer? Play with trends? Invest in classics? Growing up with parents who own a jewelry company, I’ve always had a lot of glitter in my life! I can say without a doubt that my favorite way to wear jewelry is to layer. I am a stud earring kind of girl (every woman should own a pair of fabulous pearl studs, and big ‘ol crystal studs in an array of colors)! After selecting big stud earrings from my arsenal, I typically either layer on the bracelets (usually 3-6 at a time) or the necklaces (again, 3-6 at a time). Sometimes I do both, piling on the layered bracelets and layered necklaces! I mix Sorrelli pieces with strands of white or gold pearls, beads from my travels, or other designs from some of my favorite designers (like Extasia or Wendy Mink). I invest in classic watches and classic rings, like my Nava Zahavi onyx and diamond piece. I play with trends from time to time, but mostly I wear what feels natural and comfortable for me. The one trend I’m jumping on for this fall season is the breast plate necklace. We have a fabulous, feathered rose gold breast plate necklace coming out in our MiMi holiday line that I just love.

Are there certain pieces of jewelry that you wear almost every day?
Yes! I wear stud earrings almost every day. I also wear cocktail rings almost daily; usually I mix a big, sparkling Sorrelli cocktail ring (like this one or this one or this one) with one of my fine jewelry pieces that I’ve made myself.

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