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Ann Taylor patent leather pumps and a Sorrelli Avant Garde bracelet sit atop a Keith Haring biography.

Left, Sorrelli Avant Garde “Aquatic necklace” blends into a watercolor by artist Yukiko Shibata (from Deitch Gallery). Right, Flats from Lily’s shoe collection encircle a menagerie of Sorrelli pins on a floral Anthropologie rug.

Do you have an accessorizing routine? Have you ever planned an outfit specifically around a piece of jewelry?
My accessorizing routine tends to center on my love for layering. I often plan outfits with simple necklines and 3/4 sleeves to showcase my love for layered necklaces and bracelets. I have, on more than one occasion, planned an outfit specifically around a single piece of jewelry. We have a fabulous series of Avant Garde Sorrelli pieces, and these pieces tend to be very special, mammoth-sized designs. More than once I’ve brought home these amazing beauties and crafted an outfit to revolve solely around the jewels. I have a great vintage black silk tee that I’ve found pairs exceptionally well with this amazing Silver Shade necklace.

What is the most sentimental piece of jewelry you own?
I feel pretty emotional about the two gold rings I crafted with my Mom on vacation in Canada a few years ago. One is an open circle with a tear drop sapphire offset in the design; the other is a raw, organic-looking turquoise ring. My mom taught me how to work with gold and we sawed, soldered, bezel-set, and buffed these two original Lily designs together. A lot of hard work went into them, but they’re crafted completely by hand and with a lot of mother/daughter love, so I cherish them.

Left, a refurbished yellow trunk serves up Marc Jacbos mary janes, a colorful Anthropologie clutch, a Keith Haring print, and a watercolor by artist Yukiko Shibata. Right, Sorrelli necklaces adorn turquoise and cobalt pillows brought back from family trips to Bali.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
In my free time, I enjoy running and biking. I live in an area with terrain that is fabulous for bike training (think rolling hills and fabulous country vistas), so getting out on my Trek is a joy. Cycling is something my boyfriend and I love doing together. I’m also a huge fan of our dog, Moose, a rescued boxer-mix. You can often find me snuggling, throwing frisbee, playing hide-and-seek, or jogging with Moose. Our hometown in Pennsylvania has a lot of great antiquing, so that’s something my Mom and I enjoy doing together. (I’m a sucker for a great accent table or funky lamp.) When time allows, Mark and I love having people over for barbecues and hosting parties at our little house. I really enjoy cooking and baking. When my crazy schedule allows, you can find me in the kitchen, chatting on the phone with friends and cooking up a storm. I also love traveling — I’m a travel bug! Every year we drive up the east coast to Nova Scotia (where I’m actually writing this interview!). I’ve been all over the globe (from Tibet to Morocco) and still have so much more to see!

How are you a Glitter Girl?
I love the Glitter Girl definition. I first read it when the Glitter Guide launched and I thought it was fabulous. “The Glitter Girl is many things: kind, fun, and stylish. She’s a taste-maker and a total magpie. She loves scouring the world for inspiration and thinks of all things fabulous as ‘glittery.’ A Glitter Girl loves color and anything that lights up a scene. She never leaves the house without her favorite lipstick, lives each day like it’s her birthday, and sparkles from the inside out.” I am a Glitter Girl because:

-I am a complete magpie and social butterfly. I somehow have endless amounts of energy that I use to enthusiastically chatter with just about anyone at all times.
-I am perpetually inspired and energized by those around me.
-I am obsessed with color — specifically cobalt blue, turquoise, and fuchsia. My love for bright, colorful things is reflected in everything from my wardrobe to my home, and also flows into my profession.
-I’m one of those “let’s find a reason to celebrate” types. I still throw a birthday party each year for myself, complete with lots of dancing, blasting music, and all of my favorite people. I throw parties and host events for the silliest things, because life is better celebrated.
-I am usually glittering at all times due to my stockpile of sparkly jewelry. Even when running a 5K or cooking a Sunday brunch, I will always have a little glitter shining through.

Photography: Mark Nester

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  • Brianne

    I love her style! I plan my outfits around certain jewelry pieces as well.

  • Justin

    This looks fantastic! Love the photos :)

  • Andrea

    I wear Sorrelli all the time and get tons of compliments! Glad to see the girl behind the designs of this glittery company!

  • Anna of IHOD

    Her work is stunning! Its wonderful to read about jewelry artists and how they got started. Off to check out more!

  • Stephanie

    I love reading about jewelry and seeing other people use their creativity. Keep on writing and being creative. I would love to read more.

  • ana {lucky in love sf}

    i can’t get enough of the wallpaper in her office! love it :)

  • carla mccarthy

    Great interview as usual! Her line is very ecletic and chic!


  • Chelsea

    Great interview, and great jewelry line! Love all the photos!


  • RosaLovesDC

    Love the rings so much! Great interview.

  • Goldpecker

    Fabulous jewelry, extravaganza collection of colour , marvelous concept and perhaps a wonderful model by Sorelli 😉

  • ETTE

    Loving this girls style!!!!

    ♥, Ette

  • jaerae

    wallpaper, check. desk, check. WHO MAKES THE CHAIRS!?

  • Julia DiNardo

    I love this! What great photos; Lily you look gorgeous and what a nice display of your jewelry and the “Sorrelli” lifestyle!

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