Summer Macarons

Hi Glitter Girls! Caroline of Coeur de La here! For the past year, I’ve been on a hunt for the perfect Parisian macaron. Granted, I don’t live in Paris, but there are some wonderful shops and bakeries in Northern California. Bouchon Bakery in Yountville makes a tasty macaron, and Miette’s rose geranium flavor with buttercream filling is one of my favorites. My search for the finest French pastry, however, ended in my good friend Monica’s kitchen. Monica has perfected the art of making macarons and generously offered to share her expertise with me!

With the season coming to a close, Monica and I decided to get together for a macaron afternoon. Donning our favorite summer dresses, we separated egg whites, sifted almond flour, and folded the batter 65 times (no less; no more). After filling the macarons with homemade strawberry jam, we even dusted them with baking glitter (my favorite part)! Although they were a bit larger than typical Parisian macarons, they were simply scrumptious. Feasting on the tasty treats in Monica’s backyard, I felt at ease–I have finally found the best macaron!

Tips for making macarons:

1. Be fearless and have fun!
2. Be patient.
3. Follow the recipe (check out recipe here).
4. Sip Lambrusco or Champagne while you wait (raspberries optional!)
5. Bake with a friend.
6. Understand and accept that macarons are highly addictive.
7. Don’t be discouraged. Making macarons is not easy, but the finished product is so rewarding!
8. Dust your macarons with baking glitter and they will look almost too good to eat (almost!).
9. Parisian macarons are spelled with one ‘o!’ This is very important.
10. Bake, Eat, and Love … macarons!

Photography: Coeur de La

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