1940s Style

Going out simply isn’t what it used to be. Men and women of the ’40s always dressed to impress–regardless of their destination. Why not embrace this sense of sartorial pride? Mimic the thoughtful sophistication of the era with bold-shouldered / inverted-triangle jackets, floral print tea dresses, pencil skirts, and fancy hats! To give these classic pieces a modern spin, do as Miu Miu did: pair unexpected pops of sparkle with otherwise conservative ensembles. Go get gussied up for a night on the town–and do it with some glitter!

1. Miu Miu Coat
2. Asos Polka Dot Head Scarf
3. Modcloth heels
4. Modcloth Cocktail Reception Headband
5. Asos Tea Dress
6. Louise Ebel
7. Modcloth Hat
8. The Row Sunglasses
9. Miu Miu Pumps
10. Miu Miu Dress

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