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We chatted with the cheerful, glittery masterminds over at, Jamie and Jen, to get the scoop on their sweet (and rather sparkly) office digs. From the mesmerizing wall collage, to the bounty of sequins and pom-poms, to the champagne-filled fridge, it’s no wonder this team is constantly inspired (not to mention giddy!). The adorably creative environment makes long days spent at the office seem like such fun!

Jamie and Jen in front of their inspiration wall.

When did you decide to start selling your handmade headbands?
We got the idea in the summer of 2008 and launched the site in August of that year. It was a small website with one-of-a-kind vintage pieces that Jamie and Jen designed and made. It caught on like gangbusters and has been going strong ever since!

The candy shop!

What was your inspiration behind such a girlie, cheerful line? Have you always been drawn to that aesthetic?
I think the cheerfulness is just an extension of our personalitiies. We’re both huge fans of over-the-top style, and we love to laugh. We believe color is very important (oh — and sparkly stuff, too!).

Kelly brightens Jen’s day with a personal confetti bomb.

Can you tell us a little about how the brand / office is a direct reflection of you?
We’ve always been very conscious about making our workplace a fun and inspiring place to be. It makes work seem a lot less like, well, work! People’s reactions are always the same when they first step into the studio. “Wow!” is exclaimed frequently. Running a business isn’t always simple, but being surrounded by inspiration (and candy) does make it a heck of a lot easier. gals getting serious (or seriously glamorous).

Three words to describe the girl:
Fun. Stylish. Modern.

We love the collage wall! Did you cut and paste all of  those images yourselves?
Yes. It used to be just a tiny section behind our desks, but it’s grown over the years (and continues to!). We always joke that if we have to move, we’ll need to find a good way to transport that wall!

The office must be such an enjoyable work environment. What is your favorite aspect of the office?
Hands down, the tiny fridge stocked with champagne.

Where do you turn for inspiration?
Everywhere! Swap meets, magazines, fashion blogs, our friends, old movies, Pinterest. In this day and age, we’re so lucky to have access to inspiration at all times!

What do you love most about working at
All of the gals! We have been so lucky to have such a happy, fun-loving, hardworking group of girls who understand the brand and what it stands for.

Jen & Kelly’s latest obsession . . . iced green tea!

How do you sparkle?
It’s easy! Glitter on our shoes, sequins around our necks, and crystals in our hair.


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Author: Abby Vancisin

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