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Written by on October 11, 2011 in Gadgets, Shopping - 4 Comments

Hello ladies, Meg from MIMI+MEG here with some new amazing gadgets.

1. Cordies: Do you have a bevy of cords hanging out of your computer? Keep your OCD in check with this cute cord organizer.
2. Spi roll-up keyboard: Finally, a keyboard you can spill your coffee on. Made of silicone, it resists spills and rolls up for easy travel.
3. Heys USA eScale Luggage Scale: If you tend to overpack like I do, and have had to pay for an overweight bag at the airport (also guilty) now you can weigh your bag yourself. No more fees!
4. Sunpentown Mini-Humidifier: This small portable humidifier can easily fit in your office or your luggage and all you need is water.
5. Broom Groomer: Sometimes the most simple solutions are the most genius! Get all that gunk out of your broom easily with this dustpan.
6. Silk’n SensEpil Hair Removal System: Do your own laser hair removal at home! Game Changer. 

  • Paula

    love the keyboard (toddler-proof! yeah!!) and the luggage scale!! I’m actually heading over to their website right now to get it.. tired of paying overweight at the check in!!

  • victoria | vmac+cheese

    Awesome roundup of gadgets! I need that dustbin…

  • Nicola Davey

    Love it – just bought a pink roll up keyboard for me and my sis (xmas shopping already :-) )

    Lovely ideas, thank you

  • Sara @ Gameday Stylist

    This post is so cute! I have #4 and it’s great :)

    – Sara @ Gameday Stylist

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