DIY DANNIJO Inspired Necklace

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DANNIJO “Bramley” necklace

Hi Glitter Girls, it’s Grace from Stripes & Sequins! I’ve been lusting over the DANNIJO Bramley necklace for what feels like forever, but alas; I don’t have an extra $600 lying around. However, for about $100 and a little bit of patience, I was able to recreate it at home! The result is a fun, sparkly statement, and–in my opinion–a total must-have for any Glitter Girl.

– Pliers, Wire Nippers, & Scissors
– 32” thick gold chain, cut into four 8” sections
– 4 feet of thin gold chain
– 2 yards chocolate brown suede lacing
– 2 closed jump rings
– 8 crimper beads
– Tiger Tail cord (plastic covered wire)
– 2 strands small gold glass beads
– 1 stand large gold glass beads
– 1 strand pink agate beads
– 1 large lobster clasp
– 1 large jump ring

1. To make the first side of the necklace, take two sections of thick gold chain and haphazardly weave them together using the suede lacing. You want it to look messy, so don’t be too meticulous! Finish by double-knotting the suede to the chain and attaching a small jump ring to each side.

2. Your sides will look something like the above photo. Don’t worry about them being too perfect! Part of the beauty of this necklace is its haphazardness!

3. Attach a large closed jump ring to one end of the sides, using the smaller jump ring.

4. Cut off a piece of tiger tail, and thread on a crimper bead. Loop the tiger tail through the large jump ring, and clamp down on the crimp to seal. String on about 8” of beads (a mix between the pink and the small/large gold).

5. Using another crimper bead, attach the end of your beaded strand to the second large jump ring. Attach this jump ring to the other end of the gold chain/suede side. Repeat the past few steps, but wrap your second strand around the first.

6. Continue the necklace by adding two more strands of beads, wrapping each one around the other strands as you go. It will then look something like the image above. Your necklace is nearly complete! Carefully check each of your crimps to make sure that they’re clamped down as tightly as possible.

7. This part is my favorite! Take out your thin gold chain and knot one end around the necklace. (Double-knot it so that the knot is tight). It can be messy, because you’re going to cover up the knot!

8. Begin wrapping the chain haphazardly around the necklace, using all twenty feet. Have fun with it! Keep the chain most concentrated at the middle of the necklace, but wrap around the rest of the beaded portion as well. When you’re finished, just knot the two ends of gold chain together. Keep it messy!

9. Finish the necklace by wrapping the leftover suede around the large jump rings. Covering up both the crimper beads and the empty space that surrounds the jump ring gives the necklace a more finished look.

10. You’re done!

  • Emily

    Goodness gracious Grace you are so talented! Love this necklace and wish I could pull it off as well as you!!

  • jessie

    GRACE! you’re the cutest thing i’ve ever seen and that necklace is TO DIE FOR! well done, you! XOXO

  • Erica

    Grace, you did an amazing job! It looks incredible! Way to go girl!

  • Julieta

    WOW! One of the best DIY I’ve seen in a while, congrats!

  • Sarah (Saturday Sequins)

    Grace, that necklace is just gorgeous! Fabulous job, and fabulous tutorial.

    I love the shoes, too. :)

  • fshnonmymind

    This necklace is fabulous!! I wish I could afford Dannijo jewelry too, but that would just put me in the poor house, but looking fantastic. :)
    You should consider making and selling these!!

  • Christine @court + hudson

    This is a GOOOD, no, AMAZING DIY! Gorgeous job – I’m heading to MJ Trim stat : )

  • S Smallcomb

    You did a fantastic job on this! very impressive!!

  • Grace – stripes & sequins

    Thanks, Glitter Guide! I had so much fun with this DIY!

    • Trish

      Grace! Your DIY is beautiful. I’m always struggling with where to buy beautiful chains for my DIYs because Michaels just doesn’t cut it. Where do you get your lovely chains and beads?

  • alyson

    This is GORGEOUS! What an amazing DIY, and the pic of you is gorgeous. WOOHOO!

  • Megan, The Frugalista Diaries


  • Jordan @ Queen of LA

    grace i am so proud of you!!! this looks amazing, just like everything else you make!!!

  • Sara @ Gameday Stylist

    Grace! You look great – and this DIY is to die for :)

  • kristina@beancakes ✭

    grace ~ this necklace is simply AMAZING!! you are super talented!!! thank you so much for the lovely tutorial!!
    xoxo ~ kristina

  • Lia

    I love Grace, and I absolutely love this project! Grace really has a knack for making what appears to be difficult actually be very easy! And doesn’t she look beautiful?!

  • Celia

    Gorgeous!! I LOVE this necklace, and the shoes! Did you make those too??

  • Becca

    Love this!! Never would have known how to make this- Grace, you’re amazing!

  • aj

    i love this! can’t wait to try this over the weekend! ps – where can i get those sneakers?? #inlove

  • Stefan Nowicki

    It looks amazing! Well done Grace!

  • Denise

    Grace, you are amazing, this is gorgeous!!!

  • carla mccarthy

    WOW! What a great identical job! That’s amazing your ability do the better than the real one! Thanks for sharing.Definetly i’m gonna try!

  • Anna @ IHOD

    Grace, this is brilliant! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  • alicia

    Fabulous job Grace!

  • Casie

    Ive been thinking about this all day!! What a great DIY!!!!! Cant wait to try it! Great job :)

  • Cori

    I’ve seen the necklace in person and it’s even more beautiful than in pictures (if possible!). Congrats Grace!

  • tara

    love love love!!! love grace, love dannijo, love this tutorial! totally brilliant i have to say!

  • Doux Rousse

    I’m absolutely making this. I featured a tassle necklace in my latest post. You should try a DIY of that next!

  • Mariel from How Lovely

    I wanna buy this from you! so pretty

  • Alison

    Amazing! When are you going to start your own biz??!

  • My Dressy Ways

    Grace, you are so creative! Love this!

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  • Amanda

    Great tutorial! I love that necklace. Where did you get your beads? I’ve never seen those large geometric gold ones before! Does that shape have a name?


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