1970s Hair Tutorial

Hi Glitter Girls, it’s Jessie from Sweet Thing bringing you one of my favorite go-to looks: boho waves! This hairdo has a serious ’70s flare (but won’t make you look like you walked off the set of Charlie’s Angels). I wear a variation of this style practically every day!

1. Start out with dry hair. (To give my fine hair more texture and help hold the waves in place, I used KMS Free Shape Hot Flex Spray on damp hair before drying.) Next, begin separating the top section of your hair with clips. This will make curling the underneath pieces of hair easier.

2. Section by section, wrap your hair over and around the barrel of the curling iron, holding out only the ends of your hair (I use a 1.5 inch Con Air Curling Iron).

3. Carefully unwind the curl. Continue until all of your hair is properly waved.

4. To give waves a more natural look, brush through your hair with your fingers. (If you have bangs like me, you may want to separate them slightly in the middle.)

5. Taking the two front sections of your hair that frame your face, wrap them around the curling iron (away from your face). This step will really give your ‘do a more ’70s look.

6. After these sections are curled, use your fingers to shape them (again, away from your face). Spray with hairspray to set the style (I use L’Oreal Elnett)!


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