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Photography: Jessie Webster

Amber Lewis, professional designer behind Amber Interiors, brings her distinct penchant for design to a unique range of clients. Thoughtfully designed to emphasize quality time with her husband, daughter, & furry friends, Amber’s own abode overwhelmingly reflects her life calling. This passionate expert lovingly transformed a once-dingy dwelling into her own cheery and eclectic home sweet home. Her creative vision is further evidenced by her affinity for unique artwork and undeniable knack for incorporating cultural influences from her world travels. Brimming with an unexpected, dynamic use of colorful textiles and accessories, Amber’s functional living space is airy, comfortable, and undeniably chic.

Tell us about the way you’ve decorated your home! What pieces or designs in particular scream “Amber,” and why?
I guess you could say I’ve decorated my home with family and friends in mind. When we first purchased our house a year ago, it looked nothing like it does now. It was covered in this horrible grape-and-ivy-leaf wallpaper. The rooms were cramped and practically unusable, and a stinky emerald green shag carpet grew all over the floor. Even the bathrooms were at their moldy mercy… yuck! Needless to say, I looked at this house with rose-colored glasses and knew once we were in, I could make it a comfy haven for my growing family and me. We tore this house’s guts out, and I created a big open floor plan with a living, eating, and entertaining area all in the same room. I can be making dinner, watching my daughter play, and working on my laptop at my kitchen island without leaving the room once! I guess what screams “Amber” is the fact that my house is bright, happy, and eclectic. I have light walls and a white couch, but somehow it manages to stay kid and pet-friendly. Nothing is precious in my house… it’s just a mix of stuff!

Tray from Furbish Studio and matching coasters were a gift, also from Furbish Studio.

How would you describe your personal design aesthetic?
I think the most important thing is balance: using neutrals on the big ticket items (like a sofa) and then adding layers of bright, poppy colors. I’m the queen of grey or white couches, set on top of a wild-colored rug with tons of bright, funky pillows and textiles thrown around. I love color and I love changing it all up. I love to mix styles and add unexpected touches. It’s totally my aesthetic.

“I write things down the old-fashioned way! My Crocodile desk Diary is from Graphic Image and I would loose my head if I didn’t have this.” The “Good Morning” mug is from World Market.” Amber wears a Michael Kors watch, initial bangle bracelets from Alex and Ani, a chevron friendship bracelet from a hippie fair in Ojai, and Forever 21 top.

“This might be the prettiest part of my house. I love the colors in this rug. It is from Turkey. I think the color combos might just be the perfect example of how to mix colors!”

Do you have a favorite room?
My bedroom is my favorite room. If you asked me to go on a hot date with my hubby…I would choose to get in my sweats and crawl into bed. It’s the best place EVER! Add my daughter, a dog, a cat, some Bravo TV, and all is right with the world!

“The lamp shades are from an old pair of lamps. I hated the bases but loved the paisley print of the shades! Recycling is my vibe. The mirror jug lamps are from Home Goods. The console is vintage.”

“I find it hilarious that I had to empty my bottom shelves. I hate empty shelves, but I hate cleaning up toys all day long even more! The chair is from the Rose Bowl flea market, and the Audrey Kawasaki painting is one of my favorite pieces of art we own. It’s called “Her Secret Bird.” I love her work.”

Do you consider your home a finished product, or are you constantly rearranging things and dreaming up new ideas?
My house is forever a work in progress! In fact, the pillows I have in here now will soon be in route to a client. They’re brand new, but they were too pretty to just sit in a bag. They needed some sunlight! I think it’s why I choose such neutral furniture — this way, I can always change up the pillows and the vibe of the whole house.

What are your top 5 online places to shop for your home?
2. (amazing accessories and furniture and the blog is always inspirational)

The Indian poof is from Home Goods. The geometric textile is an antique baby wrap from Bolivia. The chevron Ikat pillow is from a Uzbek source. Similar pillow here.

What is one of the best compliments you’ve ever received about your home and/or interior design work?
That’s a tough one. Every time clients say they love anything I do, I get giddy and very grateful for my career. I love what I do, so to be recognized positively for it is an amazing feeling. Having a blog with such awesome readers helps, too. They always lift me up!

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