Glitter Girl: Natalie of Like Fresh Laundry

Photography: Ashley Batz

This week’s Glitter Girl is San Franciscan Natalie Goel, the talented fashionista and writer behind Like Fresh Laundry. Between her day job at Shop It To Me and her personal style blog, Natalie is constantly experimenting with and inspired by fashion. From sleek silhouettes to splashes of metallic & sequins, Natalie is quite the professional mix-master — and you’d better believe we’re taking note!

“I have to admit: there are some catalogs I enjoy browsing almost as much as my fashion mags.”

When did you decide to start a fashion blog and where does the title “Like Fresh Laundry” come from?
I wanted my site to be about things I love, like fresh laundry. My aesthetic is cozy and clean, so the title just seemed to fit. Originally I started following fashion blogs for work, and also freelanced for fashion sites a little on the side, but I played in the space so much I decided to start something on my own. It’s about a year and a half old now. Time flies!

“As far as I’m concerned, lace, sequins and chunky knits are all wardrobe staples. Elements like that make it fun to be a girl.”

“I made these jewelry organizers out of shadow boxes. They’re a Blueprint Magazine DIY from years ago.”

How would you describe both your personal style as well as your home decor?
Classic and a little romantic. I’m a sucker for draping and flowy fabrics. Luckily I also tend toward tailored looks, so that keeps my style from being too warm and fuzzy. At home, it’s similar but more minimal since I live in a loft space. I like to keep a light touch to play up the sleek lofty-ness of it all!

“Trunks are an easy storage solution for little odds & ends. I own three — they’re a pretty way to keep clutter contained.”

You often dress in themes (ie: your recent Great Gatsby ensemble). Where do you find style inspiration?
I consume so many sources of media. I read magazines, blogs, tumblrs, lookbooks — and I even pay attention to designers’ ad campaigns. There’s so much information at our fingertips, let alone the styles you see from your own surroundings. If you’re on the lookout for it, inspiration is everywhere.

“Wide legs look dressy but feel like pajamas. They’re totally the best of both worlds.”

You’re soon-to-be-married! Will your personal style be reflected in your ceremony? Can you share with us a few details you’re planning at the moment?
I’m still early in the planning process, but I know it will be a summer wedding at a winery in Sonoma. We want lots of café lights, because they twinkle and add a touch of magic. It will be an Indian wedding, so guests expect a color explosion, and I plan to deliver. I’m paying close attention to any vibrant color combos I come across. I haven’t found “the dress” yet, but I’m on the lookout for magenta, red, or rust.

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Author: Abby Vancisin

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