Glitter Girl: Ranosha of Style-Architects

Photography: Canary Grey

Ranosha Coffelt, Wardrobe Styling Coordinator at public relations and branding services firm Style-Architects, is today’s fashionable (and fun-loving!) Glitter Girl of choice. Whether revamping a client’s closet or redefining a brand’s style, Ranosha and the Minnesota-based team are firm believers that personality should shine through each of their endeavors!

“Normally, I don’t gravitate towards shorts, but I couldn’t resist this jumper. Especially on an unusually warm November day in Minneapolis – a rare treat!” Jumper: Kimchi Blue from Anthropologie

How would you describe your personal style?
I tend to gravitate toward girly, whimsical, and quirky pieces. I like to pair these items with something a little edgy and structured. If you asked my husband, he’d tell you that I sometimes dress like an “art teacher,” which I of course think is a great compliment! I strive to mix styles and colors in unexpected ways.

“I love mixing styles: a girly print with a menswear blazer; classic wrist bling with a whimsical pendant.”

“I read all my fashion mags the same way: first I mark pages that inspire me, next I read all of the articles, and last, I rip out the marked pages I love the most!” Top and skirt: Greylin. Boots from Aldo.

Where do you find daily inspiration — online and off?
Most inspiring to me are everyday people and how they express their creativity. That is why I LOVE street style blogs and magazine features. Taking outfits straight off of the mannequin may work for some people, but I enjoy a more individual interpretation of trends.

“Many of the jewelry pieces I own have special meaning. Vintage pieces from dear family that have passed, birthday gifts, and a red carnelian ring purchased on a trip to Sicily with my husband.”

At Style-Architects, you help brands define their style. Where do you typically start with a client, and what is your philosophy behind this?
Our company bills itself as “Stylish services for the modern sophisticate.” Just like each of us, brands also have a personality and style. Style-Architects works solely with businesses in the lifestyle genre, such as beauty, entertainment, fashion, food, and interior design. We spend time defining a company’s core demographic and values, then weave those traits into the overall brand. It is incredibly important that a brand is ‘buttoned up’ before sending pitches to the media.

“I don’t consider myself a subtle dresser. If I’m wearing a neutral, there will be flair! I purchased this multi-strand necklace at a Sequin sample sale.”

You love to travel! What’s been your favorite vacation to date, and what’s next on your travel-bug “wish list?”
It’s actually sort of comical how much I like to travel despite the fact that I am terrified of flying! I just really love seeing new things. My favorite relaxation vacation would have to be our honeymoon in Maui. After all of the wedding hoopla, it was nice just to have a little R & R with a view and a cocktail. This trip was recently bested by a trip to Europe. This past July, my husband and I traveled to Florence, Rome, Sicily, and Geneva, Switzerland. It was unforgettable!

“There is no such thing as a typical work day for me. This outfit can take me from a morning to night comfortably and fashionably. This fabulous green bag is large enough for an iPad and a notebook.” Ranosha in a lace blazer from Anthropologie, jeans from Target, Jessica Simpson heels, and Linea Pelle bag.

Where do you typically shop? And what are your favorite online shopping destinations?
Since I really like to express my unique personality, I frequently shop locally. Parc Boutique is always a successful shopping location. They have carefully curated pieces, and are located in a special area of Minneapolis called Nordeast. It doesn’t hurt that the owner, Thao, is a sweetheart! Other local shops I like are OPM, Bumbershute, Nani Nalu Beachwear Boutique, and of course, Minnetonka Moccasin.

“This coral necklace is the perfect addition to a boyish tee. It adds instant polish!”

What fall / winter fashion trends are you currently incorporating into your own daily attire?
I have always been a huge fan of tights, and I love boots. Hard to believe, but my boot collection actually makes me excited for the cold Minnesota temps. Currently, I am on the hunt for the perfect pleated leather skirt, as well as a faux fur vest. Affordable suggestions always welcome!

“My favorite way to accessorize is to pile on lots of delicate bangles.”

“Each of us at Style-Architects has a distinctly different style, and therefore a different perspective when working with a client. Classic, preppy, glam and eclectic, I would define my style as girly boho with an edge.”

What 3 pieces of advice can you offer for those looking to give their closet that much-needed revamp?
First, it is important to wear your size. We are all guilty of this, but keeping items that are too small is a bad idea. Not only does it just tick you off, but it takes up valuable closet real estate. It is also necessary to dress like yourself. As much as you may admire a certain celebrity or friend, their styles simply may not be your style. Take inspiration from these people, but don’t try to force it. Lastly, I have a 3 strikes rule when it comes to cleaning my closet. If you haven’t worn it in three seasons, donate it to someone else to enjoy.

“This is the perfect illustration of the different hats I wear at Style-Architects. Locally made Minnetonka Moccasins for styling long photo-shoots, red pumps for meetings with PR clients, and strappy black heels for fashion shows and launch parties.”

What makes you sparkle?
I love to laugh, sing, dance, and be silly. Blame it on my years of show choir, dance team, and musicals! A sense of humor and levity are important to me, and I am so lucky to have friends and family that don’t take themselves too seriously. They all help brighten my day!

“As a wardrobe styling coordinator, I find myself “merchandising” my own closet like my favorite boutiques or photo-shoot sets. My closet is organized my sleeve length, color, and style.”

“It helps me to display my favorite bobbles and show them off. That way I don’t forget about them by having them tucked away.”

“A Chanel-esque blazer, bold vintage earrings, and a cozy infinity scarf sort of illustrates the creativity of our company: professional, irreverent, and stylish!”

All photos were taken at Parc Boutique

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