Holiday Trio Of Treats

Hello Glitter Girls! Jodi here of Treat ur Sweet with an easy and delicious dessert for the holidays. I’ve seen multiple variations of these mini cakes recently and have been itching to re-create my own. They are both simple and fun, plus there are endless recipes and versions to whip up.  Since chocolate is perfect for the holidays, I’ve narrowed it down to devil’s food cake.  I chose raspberries and maraschino cherries for their deep red hue and Nutella for its chocolaty hazelnut flavor — a perfect holiday treat!

-Devil’s food cake mix
-Non-dairy whip topping
-Fresh raspberries
-Maraschino cherries
-2 1/2 inch circle cookie cutter
-Pillsbury baking spray with flour
-Pyrex 9×13 baking dish
-Wilton piping bag
-Decorating tip of your choice
-Wilton shimmer dust
-White chocolate bar

-Mix cake according to box (add vanilla extract and an extra egg)
-Spray Pyrex with the Pillsbury Baking Spray
-Fill your baking pan a little less than half way
-Bake according to box instructions

While cake is baking:
-Wash raspberries
-Drain and rinse maraschino cherries with water.
-Mix whip topping according to directions
-Make your chocolate shavings using a potato peeler or a knife

-Once your cake is done, let it cool
-Cut the cooled cake into circles
-Place circles on a cooling rack

You should be able to cut out 6 circles from one 9×13 pan.  If you only have one pan repeat process until all of your mix is used. To assemble your mini cakes I suggest using coffee cup saucers (they are the perfect size).You can also use small doilies and place them all on a large platter. Some of your cakes may be different thicknesses.  Fix this by carefully cutting your cake pieces with a knife.

Raspberry & Maraschino Filled Mini Cakes:
-Place your cake circle on your plate
-Fill the top of the cake with your non-dairy whip topping
-Pull several raspberries in half and place them on the whip topping
-Put a small amount on whip topping on top of your raspberries
-Place another cake circle on top (repeat the steps)
-You can make them 2 or 3 layers tall
-Once you place your final cake circle, pipe a bit more whip topping and garnish with a whole raspberry or maraschino cherry

Nutella Mini Cakes:
-Follow all of the same steps as you did for the others, except substitute Nutella in place of the whip topping in the center while still topping the cake with whipped cream. Garnish with shaved white chocolate pieces and a bit of Wilton white pearl shimmer dust.
-To avoid your mini cakes drying out I suggest waiting until closer to your party time to prepare them, or storing them inside tupperware until party time.

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