Holiday Ombre Cards

Kristy Rice of Momental Designs gave us a sneak peek of her beautiful holiday ombre cards as well as a few tips for how to make them ourselves!

Every year, in an effort to use up the varied lot of shimmery stocks left over from a year’s worth of projects, I craft personal holiday cards and invitations from the bounty. This year a lovely selection of mis-matched aqua, fresh green and teal envelopes were calling my name. I added a whisper soft blue linen stock and instantly had the perfect holiday ombre color palette for our party invitations!

I hand wrote the invitation text and scanned it for quick printing. This easy technique gives an intimate / handwritten look without a literal cramp in your style. Watercolor holly berries and leaves in juicy shades of teal and fuchsia blended beautifully with the free-hand swoosh of gold on each. Envelope liners in any scrap pieces I could find were individually hand painted with watercolor stripes to bring it all together.

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Quick Tip:  Pick up a 5-6 inch wide brush at your local home improvement shop to make painting the watercolor stripes on each liner a breeze.

Images via Momental Designs

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