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Gold Dog DIY

Hi Glitter Girls, Stacy here from Hello Cupcake LLC!  If you follow the Glitter Guide on Twitter, you may have seen their call looking for some DIY help to create an adorable (and, unfortunately, no longer available) Anthropologie print. I’m happy to share this extremely easy-to-follow DIY so you can create your own greyhound silhouette artwork.  Chances are that you’ll have most of the materials just laying around the house!

Materials Needed:
– White computer paper
– Colored scrapbook paper
– Scissors
– Tape
– Frame

– Stencil to fit an 8×10 frame: Click to print the PDF
– Stencil to fit a 9×12+ frame: Click to print the PDF

1. Based on your frame size, print out the stencil on regular computer paper and cut it out to create the greyhound silhouette.
2. Use the silhouette to cut out the greyhound. Tape the silhouette to a piece of colored paper.
3. Place inside the frame and hang. Easy as can be! And the best part? You can customize both the greyhound silhouette and the background color paper to match your home! Enjoy!

Tip: You can use wallpaper or wrapping paper for the background in a larger frame.

Frames Shown From: Target

  • Suzanne

    Awesome! <3

  • Grace – Stripes & Sequins

    How fun!!

  • kristi

    Oh My Gosh! This is SO cute!! I love it! It also seems fairly simple for the sometimes crafting challenged person (me)… *haha :) I want to try and make this with a stencil of my cat!!

    Thanks for the great idea!!

  • Jolie Goodnight

    So adorable! I’m in love!

  • GawgusThings

    This looks great – I might try to do it with a cut-out of a french bulldog!

    Emma x

  • Anna

    Since we don`t have Anthropology I don`t really know any of their stuff, but I love this picture and think I might do it myself. Because it is so simple that you can put it anywhere as a little something. I imagine this standing piled with a group of pictures on my dresser or along a wall that I don`t use otherwise and where I just collect some pretty artwork.
    A little DIY would be just a perfect little extra, and it`s always such a great feeling when you are asked: where did you pick THAT up and you can say: I did it myself :)
    Anyways: love the idea!

  • Alyssa

    This would be such a perfect gift for a dog (or cat) lover done with images of their own pets! I made my mom a canvas print of her dogs for christmas that turned out cute, but this would have been so much more original (and easier)!

  • April

    I actually adopted a greyhound 3 years ago and this is a Greyt DIY!!! I see a trip to Michael’s in my weekend plans :)

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  • Hello Cupcake LLC

    Thank you so much for sharing my DIY! Honored to have it on GG!!!!!  Love all the pics people are posting after completing this project!

  • Sherita

    The possibilities are endless! Thanks for this.

  • e


  • carla mccarthy

    So cute!

  • Ayesha

    Totally in love with this. I have been so restless until I made one for my home!

    My take on the DIY Silhouette ♥

  • LoHi Fashion

    Hey! I must have missed the memo, but where can I find a dog silhouette stencil? Thanks!

    • glitterguide

      There should be links in the post to print out. Thanks. :)

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