Detox Your Makeup Bag

Hi Glitter Girls, it’s Briony here from A Girl, A Style. Personally, I always see January as the month to get organized. If, like me, you still want to get a few projects in, why not detox your makeup bag? Here are a few of my favorite tips to help you sort through your own:

1. De-clutter: Gather up all your beauty products in one place and sort through the entire lot. Automatically toss anything that has expired, looks or smells strange, or is past its prime. (As a general guideline, this is 3 months for mascara, 6 months for most other gel/liquid/cream cosmetics, 1 year for most hair/body/skincare products, and 1-2 years for any dry/powder products — provided they’re kept clean.) Next, toss anything that you never wear or don’t really like. Your skin is precious; why bother putting something on it that is unflattering or unhygienic? Make sure that whatever is left over is clean and organized. (Wash your makeup bag and counter surfaces, wipe lipsticks with alcohol wipes, remove buildup from product bottles, etc.)

2. Get the right tools: Once you’ve sorted everything, figure out what’s missing. Every girl should have a great set of makeup brushes and tools as the first step to flawless makeup. A good basic kit will include a foundation brush (for applying or blending foundation, concealer, highlighter, or cream blush); a big, fluffy powder brush (for powders and bronzers); a flat eyeshadow brush (for laying down cream shadows or base eye colours); a fluffy, domed eyeshadow brush (for mastering the perfect contoured or smoky eye); a brow brush (groomed brows are the quickest way to looking naturally ‘done’); and some good tweezers (to deal with any stray hairs). They might seem initially expensive, but with a little care, they’ll last for years and years! To ensure they last (and stay hygienic), wash them in warm water once a week with a brush cleanser or baby shampoo. Store them upright in a pretty glass where you can see them (no more shoving them in a makeup bag where they’ll just breed bacteria).

3. Fill the gaps: Do you have twenty lipglosses yet still lack the right foundation? Hunt down some good-quality basics where you need them (if you need help, go to your favorite makeup counter and have them suggest a few to try) so you have a complete beauty kit that you’re happy with. And about those lipglosses? Stop buying until you’ve used up what you already own!

-For more tips check out “How to Get Your Makeup Bag in Order”


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