White Chocolate Confetti Popcorn

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Confetti Popcorn

Hi Glitter Girls, Adrianna of A Cozy Kitchen here! This past New Year’s, I was at a party when I spotted the cutest, girliest popcorn I’d ever laid eyes on: White Chocolate Confetti Popcorn. I’m typically not a fan of white chocolate; since it contains no cacao nibs, it’s usually too sweet for my taste and lacks the flavor I love in a good, quality dark chocolate. In this scenario, however, I think it works wonderfully! The sweetness is offset by a few dashes of salt, and coated on crunchy popcorn with pastel-colored sprinkles, it makes for a fun, cutesy snack that I hope you’ll enjoy!

-1/2 tablespoon canola oil
-1/2 cup popcorn kernels
-6 ounces white chocolate, chopped
-1/4 cup confetti sprinkles

1. In a medium saucepan, pour in canola oil and heat over medium-heat. When oil is hot, add popcorn kernels, making sure all the kernels are touching the bottom of the pan. Cover with a lid and wait until you hear kernels start to pop. Once they commence, grab the pan; while simultaneously holding down the lid, give it a good shake. Return pan to the stove and repeat a few times. This will ensure that all of the kernels pop. When popcorn is done, turn off heat, transfer to a medium bowl, and add a few pinches of salt.

2. Add about 1-inch of water to a double boiler (or a saucepan with a metal bowl nestled atop). Note: Be sure your bowl is completely dry. Heat over medium-low, watching the chocolate the entire time. White chocolate has a lower melting point, so it can seize easily. When chocolate is melted, stir until smooth.

3. In a few batches, pour chocolate over popcorn, mixing gently to coat each kernel lightly.

4. Evenly spread popcorn onto a baking sheet and add confetti sprinkles. Let popcorn sit for 3-4 hours (or until dry).

  • http://something-pretty.net Lisa

    I had something like this at a bake sale once, and it is addictive! Definitely going to try making it myself! :)

  • http://vanillaandroseblog.com Vanessa

    I love this! Definitely adding it to my Pinterest for things I have to try!! :)

  • http://withanna.wordpress.com Anna

    Probably too sweet for my own taste (even though I prefer sugar popcorn over salted), I think this looks so cute and would be amazing for a girls night.

  • http://www.theimproper.com Elizabeth

    Yum and pretty. Will have to try this!

  • http://bambilulu.blogspot.com Genevieve

    love this!! so cute – almost too pretty to eat! not quite though :) can’t wait to try it!

  • http://www.makesherlife.blogspot.com ginger

    I want to try this right now!!! Except I’ll prob cheat and use microwaveable popcorn;)

  • http://peoniesandpaper.wordpress.com Emily

    oh my god i’m trying this asap! even if i don’t like how it tastes it looks SO cute!


  • http://emilialiveslife.wordpress.com Emilia

    This popcorn is so pretty! I could definitely see myself making it just for how cute it is, though I’m sure with white chocolate it also tastes spectacular :)

  • http://www.asliceofglam.com Amberly

    OMG this looks soooo pretty and yummy!!!


  • http://happycoffeebean.blogspot.com Amy

    Lovely! I just re-blogged this. Thanks, ladies!

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  • http://www.funfashionfit.com Jani

    This post just made my mouth water :) My niece and nephew (and me…duh) would love this!


  • http://www.bagladiesradio.com Lady Erin

    I’ve pinned to pinterest.com/bagladiesradio. Can’t wait to try this out w/ my lil ones. Too cute! #MommyMidday

  • http://www.thingsicovet.tumblr.com Samantha

    Used this recipe for a Superbowl party, using appropriate team colored sprinkles, and it was a COMPLETE success! My only recommendation would be to melt the chocolate like one normally would–in the microwave on a med-high at 30 second intervals while stirring in between each 30 second round. Wish I could have taken a picture of how mine turned out, but it was all gone before I knew it :)

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  • http://twitter.com/sheblog Jenmarie

    This looks yummy! Pinned!

  • Leila Green

    How long will this keep?? I’m throwing a sprinkle themed baby shower and would love to make this but will need to make it a day ahead. Will it get soft if I do that??

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