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Photography: Jessica Lorren

Lifestyle blogger and co-genius behind jewelry line Aroc Urtu, Sarah Lederman authors Chevrons & Stripes, a visually intriguing window into ideas, inspirations, and interiors. Born and raised in New York City, Sarah currently resides in Miami Beach, where she’s successfully melded experiences and aesthetics from both cultures. Her Florida abode is an airy oasis filled with clean lines and bright whites — infused with quirky accessories, mirrored accents, and tempting stacks of colorful coffee-table books. Neutral staples are charmingly offset by rustic brick, earthy wood, and a predominantly green-blue palette. Fresh flowers and seaside treasures aplenty are a nod to Sarah’s beachy roots, innate love of the outdoors, and enthusiasm for the little things in life.

“I’ll never forget spotting the infamous “For Like Ever” poster in Domino Magazine’s feature on Jesse Randall’s (of Loeffler Randall) home.  I fell in love with it and instantly knew I had to have it.  I placed it squarely between my desk and my fiancee’s in our home office, and the message rings truer now more than ever!  We have matching West Elm Parson’s desks and chairs from CB2.”

Why did you begin blogging, and what have you gained and/or learned throughout the process?
I launched Chevrons & Stripes when I found out I was moving from NYC to Miami Beach last summer. I thought a blog would be a perfect and fun way to capture my aesthetic. Now that the audience is growing, it’s become a really exciting project.  I love interacting with other bloggers, designers, and readers.  It’s a great outlet to stay in touch and connect with new friends while adjusting to living in a new city — which can be quite difficult!

A few things I’ve learned along the way are to always stay true to your personal taste and to remember to step away from your computer screen!  When I find myself in a bit of an inspiration rut, I flip through my coffee table books, take the dog for a walk, or see a movie to get rejuvenated.  It can be hard to remember with all of the blogging, pinning, and tweeting we do, but it’s important not to forget about all of the inspiration to be found in the outside world!

“I’m always looking for a good styling opportunity, so while I think the West Elm floating shelves we have above our desks could be more functional, I love looking at how clean and organized they are.  It definitely inspires me to want to sit and get down to business there.  The white studded frame was a recent housewarming gift from friends who read about my Jonathan Adler obsession on Chevrons & Stripes and knew it would be the perfect present!”

Tell us about your home! How is it an expression of yourself?
I find that my style (especially in terms of home decor) is always evolving.  I’ll decorate and then want to redecorate only a month later.  When we moved into what feels like our first really grown-up apartment, I wanted to stay true to the things I’ve always loved and knew I would never get sick of — like glossy white furniture, clean lines, mirrors, and natural wood accents.

“The console table in the front entry way might be my favorite little area in the apartment. The candlesticks and white ceramic bowl are from ABC Carpet & Home, and the chalkboard candle is from West Elm. The driftwood I picked up for a recent project at ZGallerie and loved so much that I kept it!  Above the console table is a painting of Ziggy that Katie Logan of “See Scout Sleep” did — it’s definitely one of our most prized possessions.  She is SO talented and perfectly captured our little guy.”

Do you gravitate toward a certain design aesthetic, color scheme, etc?
I definitely tend to gravitate towards clean and simple.  For instance, there’s nothing I love more than a white parsons table — to me, it’s the be-all and end-all of the interiors world (as simple as it may be)!  For big investments like couches, coffee tables, and desks, I always invest in neutrals like white, gray, or beige.  I find it easier to work in fun pops of color with pillows and decorative accents with a neutral base.  I’d love to be more adventurous in the future and buy something like, say, a blue velvet couch, but right now it’s just not within my comfort zone!

“Our coffee table is yet another West Elm Parsons item.  Can you tell I’m obsessed?  The pillows on the couch are Magaschoni and Madeleine Weinrib and the quartz I snagged from my parents’ place (shhh!).  The vase I picked up from my favorite floral shop in Bridgehampton, NY and then filled with beach stones I collected all last summer.”

What has influenced the way that you decorate?
My mom has been a big influence in that she’s always been extremely interior-design-oriented.  She would bring me to pier shows and to go antiquing on the weekends when I was younger (of course I didn’t appreciate it then), where she was always picking up little knick-knacks or adding to her endless collections.  I definitely get the tchotchke collector in me from her.  I’ve also been influenced by spending summers at our family home in Bridgehampton.  Whether it’s collecting shells and driftwood on the beach or cutting flowers from our garden, I’ve always wanted to bring the beach indoors (as you can see from the giant beach stone-filled vase in the center of my coffee table!).

“The bed in our guestroom.  The Manhattan pillow was a recent housewarming gift, and the blanket I’m sure most people will recognize from the Missoni for Target madness!”

“I try not to keep too much clutter on our dining table (West Elm Parsons, of course), as I often use it as a second workspace.  The placemats are from Modern-Twist.  I saw them on Design*Sponge a year or so ago and loved that they’re clear.  The design almost has the effect of being hand-drawn onto the table.  The salt and peppers shakers are part of Jonathan Adler’s Nixon collection, and the flower candle holder is from CB2.”

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