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Photography: Ellen Ho of Hong Photography

Vancouver-based Monika Hibbs of The Doctor’s Closet began her blog (and later, her unique jewelry line, bfrend) as a creative escape from her demanding work in the medical field. When it came time to decorate her home, Monika faced the ultimate aesthetic challenge: balancing her husband’s love of all things rustic with her own girlish and glittery tendencies. Through online inspiration, an indisputable eye for bargains, careful consideration, and a bit of compromise, Monika skillfully and successfully melded their distinct styles (has a deer head ever looked quite so chic?)! From clean lines to crisp neutrals to a patio perfect for entertaining, the Hibbs’ home is a polished yet strikingly cozy retreat.

“It’s hard to walk by this bed and not be tempted to lay in the vast amount of pillows with a great book or my favorite magazine!” Top: ZARA, Pants: BB Dekota, iPhone case: Kate Spade, Pillows: The Cross Design.

Your blog just turned 1! Why did you decide to start a blog?
I was very stressed and busy with studying and working, consumed with all things medical field. It was putting a strain on my lifestyle in a negative way. I needed to find a way to de-stress for an hour a day — not including going to the gym. My husband suggested I start a blog, which made me do a little research about fashion and lifestyle blogs. I grew to love the idea…and that was it! The start of The Doctor’s Closet.

“Our bedroom was one of the rooms that took the longest to finish decorating. Finding the perfect side tables, headboard, and lamps took forever! My husband didn’t want the bedroom to be all crystals the way it was before, but I didn’t want it to look like a man cave. I really had to think outside of the box! I took elements from a rustic look and mixed in light colors and fabulous pillows from The Cross Design. The Cameroon Juju Hat is my favorite finishing touch to the room, also from The Cross.” Side tables: Pottery Barn, Headboard: Restoration Hardware, Lamps: Home Sense.

“Having a selection of scents to choose from every morning allows me to switch up my mood. I picked up this little silver tray from The Cross Design, one of my favorite home décor stores in Yale Town, Vancouver. It holds all of my favorite perfume bottles without looking messy. Stag Head jewelry holder: Front & Company, Vancouver.”

How did you find the time to work in the medical field while running a great blog and a jewelry business?
I believe time management is key! Really focusing on what’s important and making time for everything throughout the day. That being said, I’ve discovered what I really love in life and what I want to do for the rest of it! I’ve decided to focus on my blog, fashion career, and bfrend. Yes, a little bit of a career change/pause to figure it all out. Lots of doors have been opening with amazing opportunities while others have been closing. I’m juggling it all at the moment! Lots of excitement, that’s for sure!

Lulu & Drew confetti painting

“Every girl should have a place in her home where she can show off her jewels!” Pearl Necklace with Crystal Flower: Blue Ruby Vancouver, Charm Necklace: Dyrbery/Kern, White and Silver Crystal: Spike the Punch, Chain and Crystal Necklace: Forever 21, Pearls: Club Monaco.

What inspired the bfrend line and what are some things you have in store for the brand this year?
bfrend is such a treasure to me, mostly because I didn’t plan for it to take off as it did! I simply made two friendship bracelets to give away on my blog one month, which turned into a mass email of requests to buy them! I was shocked by the response! I had no idea what I was doing! No idea how to collect payment (or what to charge)! There were so many questions and very little time to think about any of them due to the quick demand! I took a huge leap of faith and decided to make bfrend come to life. I opened an Etsy store and it took off from there!

This year I’m really hoping for great things for bfrend! I would love to keep it fun and easy to wear. However, I’m also creating some high fashion pieces that go beyond the typical friendship bracelet.

“I fell in love with this dress the second I saw it.” From Blush Bridal in West Vancouver, designed by JS Group.

“This photo makes me giggle because there is a story behind the towel hooks. They were the solution to an everlasting fight between my hubby and I. (Whose towel is whose? And why is there makeup on this towel?) Solution: Two hooks with our initials from Anthropologie. We haven’t fought about towels since then! I simply adore the gold LOVE prints by Jen Ramos; they add balance!”

How would you describe your personal design aesthetic?
Very simple, really. I love clean, minimal, timeless, and classic pieces that tell a story. A place that is warm and welcoming that feels like a home, not just a house.

“I love a clean and tidy bathroom look. I love these glass containers from Pottery barn; they look great and hold bathroom essentials we use each day! The Chanel Bottle is an ISeeNoise print from Etsy, designed by a local Vancouver blogger.”

“Just like the rest of our home, I like a clean and tidy office. I can’t seem to focus and get any work done otherwise! Having a white office makes it easy to maintain a clean feel.” Wearing: BB Dakota sweater & pants; Tory Burch bangle. Chalkboard: Urban Walls

What is one of the best compliments you’ve ever received about your home?
The best compliment is when someone comes into our place for the first time and says, “Wow, can you come decorate my place?” Not only are they saying that they love it, but they’re also saying that they would trust my style in their own home!

“This is one of my favorite corners in our home. Mostly because the pieces tell a story and can’t be found anywhere else. The painting was a gift that I made for my husband for our first wedding anniversary. It is one-of-a-kind, and always gets conversations started. The European deer skull mount was hunted by my husband on his most recent annual hunting trip he takes with all the men in his family. I begged and pleaded with him to mount it on a white plaque instead of cherry red. It’s one of my favorite pieces in our home.”

Does your personal style correspond at all to your home décor?
Yes; I will not buy something that I don’t like. That can get tricky though! I love things that are girly and fresh — and anything that sparkles! My husband, on the other hand, likes a manly, rugged look (deer heads on the walls!). I really had to learn to take both of our styles and morph them into a design that we both loved. Though at the end of the day, the girl always wins, right? I think it came out to be 60/40 — okay, maybe more like 70/30. Lesson learned: a white porcelain stag head is not considered manly. At least I tried!

“The white desk in our office was an amazing find and fast buy! I found it at our local home bargain shopping store, Home Sense. Now, the trick at shopping at Home Sense is that if you like something you see, you have to buy it right then and there, because it most likely won’t be there an hour later.”

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  • Kate

    I love her bathroom; those little pops of gold make it so chic!

  • My Dressy Ways

    Such a beautiful home!!!

  • Christine

    Your black and white rosette dress is beautiful! My 30th birthday is approaching and I have been searching for something to wear, this dress would be perfect! Where is it from?

  • Donna Vitan

    Ah glitter ladies, you have the most amazing awesome style. I love all these ‘Style at Home’ articles! Glittersposions for my work day!

  • Esther

    Just beautiful, another winning combination of style and personality stamped into a gorgeous home. I really live all the homes you’ve featured, such wonderful inspiration, thank you!!

    Esther xx

  • kyle

    I love the light and airy, but quirky feel of this interior. And, I absolutely covet her clothes!! Every day should be a cocktail dress and great pair of shoes day! Thanks for sharing!

  • Mary @ Delightful Bitefuls

    Love Monika’s place! Love the design and all of those great clothes! Swoon!

    Gorgeous home, Mon!


  • Jessica @ becoming refined

    Absolutely adore this women’s style, so pretty!

  • Jessica

    Love this post! Her home and style are impeccable.

  • Christine Taylor

    Gorgeous home and interior design! The photos are lovely too :) Can you ask Monika who makes the black leather planner in the second photo?

  • Anna

    Wow, Monika has some very inspirational style at home! Really enjoy how things either have a purpose or they don`t actually are there. No clutter. I also like the little fact, that the candels are actually burning down and there is wax in that bowl. I am a huge fan of candle light and always think it`s weird when I come to a place and they have just unburnt candles everywhere. Do they throw them out daily, or what??
    I also bookmarked the etsy seller who made that beautiful gold Chanel print.
    Finally I think the bedroom is probably my favorite of the rooms, though I really like a lot of every room!

  • Kitty Cotten

    I’m in love with her home!

  • {The Design Daredevil} Jessie D. Miller

    I love home tours, keep em coming!!! My fav image was the corner featuring the antlers, excellent styling, very unisex chic! XO

  • Danielle Hardy

    LOVE this!! every room looks fantastic! great feature :)

  • Courtney B.

    I love how she “blended” her style with her husband’s.
    The clean lines and colors really make her home look bright and beautiful.
    My favorite part is the light fixture in her kitchen. What a fun way to add a little glamour to the kitchen!

  • Jessica

    I love the style at home articles! such fabulosity, and I enjoy learning about new successful blogger ladies!
    I heart Monika already!

  • Emily

    This house is gorgeous! I’m sooo jealous!

  • Paula

    What a great profile feature! I love love love Monika’s friendship bracelets and now I’M IN LOVE WITH HER HOME!! Easy and chic with a masculine twist… can we say perfection?

    xoxo, Paula

  • ashleigh

    I am in love and want almost everything in that place! Great decorating, Monika! Can’t wait to see what’s in store with her jewelry line!

    My jewelry blog:

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  • Charlie

    At first I was all swooning over her place, and singing Monica praises for her impeccably decorated home, until I got to the end and saw that she actually hired an interior decorator. So i guess, yay The Cross Decor and Design and Stephanie Jean, the interior decorator, you really know how to decorate a home?? Meh.

    Also, “unique” jewelry line? Aren’t those just gimp bracelets? Good for her for making it a “thing” but there’s nothing unique about them.

    • Megan

      Wow, such negative comments. You must be really unhappy :( Sorry for you

      • kathy

        I wasn’t going to comment on this article either way – its a very pretty home and everything, but I had to comment here…this Charlie person was a little negative sounding, but certainly not out of line in his/her opinions. I appreciate it when designers feature their own homes or other work, and I appreciate it when someone who isn’t an interior designer decorates their own home and makes it look awesome. When I see someone paid someone else to do a big part of it, it’s not as interesting to me anymore. It comes off more as “look what I have the resources to pay for” versus “look at my creativity.” She may have great taste, she may be a wonderful person, and it’s great that her jewelry business and blog are going well, but I, too, was far less intrigued when I got to the bottom. Not enough to comment on it until I saw that someone else did and everyone is picking on him/her! Accusing someone of being an unhappy person bc theyre not terribly tactful in their delivery is petty, but sharing your honest opinion on what I found to be a legit thing, isn’t.

        • Guest

          Honest criticism is always good, but Kathy you also need to get the facts correct and read the reply from Monika herself right above yours here.  She said she did not pay/hire any of them but instead took her ideas and inspirations and had them help her bring it to life. 

          I personally would agree with you if someone just hired a decor company to come in and design the house but that wasn’t the case here.

      • Charlie

        Why am I unhappy? Because I don’t think there’s anything impressive about hiring an interior decorator? Like I said, the house is impeccably decorated but that’s not really to Monika’s credit, but rather to the team of interior decorators she paid. I get that my opinion is not a popular one and is thus probably not welcome here, but it is my opinion nonetheless.

        And I stand by the fact that her jewelry is not unique. They’re Gimp bracelets for grown ups, which is fine because there’s clearly a market for it.

        • Monika

          Hi Charlie,

          Thank you for your honest comment.

          It’s too bad that you found so much distaste with this feature. The interior designer is actually one of my close friends that is just kicking off her business- she helps me time to time, a fun activity and great way to bond and hang out. The Cross Design is one of my favourite stores in Vancouver and have grown to love their store and items. They in return give me great input and help with decorating options and ideas while i’m shopping around.

          I did not hire them, nor pay them for their work. We work together as friends and grab inspiration from each other. I think it’s it’s great to work along side people and companies that you love and we for that give back to one another. I 110% believe in supporting other friends and small businesses.

          Second, I don’t think there is anything wrong with working with people that understand interior design. I have ideas in my mind of what I would like, I put them together and they help me polish it off. I really don’t see where there is any problem with that.

          As for bfrend. That is your own opinion. No one said that you have to like every product that is being sold. :)

          Thank you everyone else for your lovely comments- I’m overwhlemed ! I am truly thankful for such a wonderful opportunity to have been featured on Glitter Guide. :)

          Monika xo

    • Erika [small shop]

      Hey Charlie it’s an incredibly vulnerable experience to open up your home to the world. She clearly has impeccable taste, is adorable, and has the balls to start a business out of something she loves. And being featured on the Glitter Guide is a marker of her success and appeal. I don’t know about you, but I only see all kinds of positive here!!!

  • Candice

    Beautiful! I love the aesthetic of her many lovely details! I’m inspired :)

  • Megan

    I absolutely LOVE your home! I want to move right in. Great job and Thank you so much for sharing everything with us.

  • Dee

    Love her home!!

  • Barbara Tamez

    OMG SOOOO IN LOVE!!! with all your decorations <3 such a great stylish and classy style LOVE IT!
    Cant wait to have my own house and start all the decorations XOXOXOXO

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  • Kelsey


    Love your home! Such a great mix of rustic manly and girly chic! It’s very hard to mix those two together but you manage to do it spot on. I also admire how far you’ve come in the last year with your blog. I hope that someday I can build a blog as great as yours. Thanks for sharing your home with us!



  • StylEvolution

    What a crap home.
    White. More white.
    Pottr Barn…!?! Reeeaaalllyyy?
    Why are there towels beside the toilet?
    Chanel, how original.
    Are you a doctor?
    A blog, working out and a blog…
    Go read Jezebel for a real take on blogging.
    Or any of another half dozen groovy sites.
    Go work in a hospital ‘Doctor.’

    • Jen

      Your comment is incredibly rude and doesn’t make any sense.

      You clearly didn’t read the feature. The post was nothing but lovely! Great job girls!

    • Brooke Ready

      why are you so negative and feel that you have to write hurtful things like this. She has a beautiful home and does this blog to inspire people. I love her blog, and appreciate what she does. Shes not doing it for you, its for herself and those who love it.
      I do not understand people like you who can even stand themselves for writting mean things like this.
      wow, sorry for these comments and thank you for sharing these inspiring blog entries

    • guest

      hey! guess what! being a doctor doesnt mean 24/7 on the job! we have lives too! amazing, i know!

    • grace loserro

      Did someone shit in your cornflakes ? is everything okay sunshine? How’s life? Feeling alone and depressed? maybe you should go talk to someone. Good luck to you in life, good luck getting on with that sour taste in your mouth. lots of love.

  • Vanessa

    I had so much fun reading this Style at Home — I love the way Monika managed to balance ruggedness with a touch of romance and sparkle. =)

  • Maggie

    Absolutely love the dress on the last page with the rosette details!

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  • Erika [small shop]

    Huge fan of the mix of neutrals here! Monika’s desk is such a score! Love her outfits and I’m convinced I need a way to display my jewelry now too. Thanks for the intro, going to check her out!

  • Courtney

    Yup, you are officially living in my dream home. Your house is beautiful!

  • Emily

    Love Monika + The Doctor’s Closet and am so excited to see her featured here! She has such a simple but beautiful style that’s clearly evident in her home design.


    I like the necklaces on the sewing form

  • Lemon Drop Love

    I loved this feature. Her style is perfection and so cute :) Thank you!! xx Jen

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  • Vanessa

    What a great article! I love The Doctor’s Closet!

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  • Laura Trevey

    LOVE it all ~ I am truly inspired!!

  • Julesinflats

    i love her place, but it doesn’t look like a guy lives there at all!

  • Julesinflats

    i love her place, but it doesn’t look like a guy lives there at all!

  • A Girl, A Style

    Monika and her home are just so adorable! It looks so white and fresh and inviting; the kind of place I want to go around to for a girly chat and a cup of tea. Adore her blog and bracelets too!

    Briony xx


    in love with her home.  love neutral with a touch of glam in any home.  xo

  • Arezoo

    she must be the worst dr ever to have time for these crap. and making ugly bracelet .. embarrassment to all of us Drs .. yet another bimbo that daddy bought her degree

    • Ruby

      Wow, how rude are you? 

      I came on here to read a gorgeous post and then see you bash it! I must say that YOU yourself as a Dr. are an “embarrassment to all Drs”, how terrible!  How awful of you to say such things to an obviously talented hard working girl who earned her degree! Mr. Arezoo I would never want you to me my Dr. Plus your bedside manner must be terrible. Uncalled for comment. I don’t know even know why these are posted. 
      Thank you Glitter Guide for posting a well rounded talented female who all of us girls grab inspiration from. 

      • Floresannabel

        hard working girl who earned her degree!!!!????????????????
        Is this a joke???????

    • Diana Talarico

      I think it’s sad that a fellow Dr would post such negativity about another who clearly has multifaceted interests and talents.  Monika is intelligent and earned her medical degree but does that mean she can’t also have other passions? You might benefit from finding your own and maybe that will help dispel your toxic energy.  Perhaps you, in all of your arrogance forgot a simple rule we should all live by: if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all. 

    • guest

      yet you seem to have enough time to find this blog and go through it enough to dislike it…? interesting.

    • eko

      Monika is a lair, she never passed any medical exams here
      and she has not practicing medicine at all, she barely finished medical school
      in Poland, she is full of bimbo and cheap pretentiousness. She helped to throw
      out her sick father from his own home just before Christmas. You are absolutely
      right with your honest opinion. How she ever could be a doctor and have no heart
      and not to talk to own father for years, who as a matter of fact paid for hers degree……embarrassment
      for sure!!!


  • Stacy

    Her home is beautiful! I am more in love with that strapless dress with white rosette detailing on the skirt.  How can I get in contact with her to find out where she bought it from?  Anyone know?

  • Mwelch17

    WHERE oh WHERE is that gorgeous black sectional from? I die for it.

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  • Kirsten Blowers

    Monika, I must say that your home is beyond lovely. Full of class and comfort. As a business owner who retails Monika’s BFREND bracelets I squeeled at the chance to peek inside your home. I was saddened to see some ladies chose to go out of their way to post some unkind comments but I only hope this adds fuel to your creative fire, Monika! Keep kicking ass at what you’re doing! Happiness is the untimate life goal and you’re living the dream!

    Xoxo, Kirsten Blowers

  • Botica

    towel is way to close to toilet

  • Laurie

    Beatiful home, no matter who inputted to the overall design. Thanks for opening up to the masses x

  • Candace

    Beautiful Home! Thank you for sharing :)

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  • Monica Curteman

    So, I’m obsessed with your blog, your Facebook page, and your Etsy account! I would like to know where you purchased your mannequin? I am on a search for one, and yours is darling! Thanks so much! 

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  • Jen

    Love the pictures of your home. Great style! I just purchased the glass dome at Cross Design. Love that store….

  • Jenfaganwilson

    Hi could you please tell me the paint color of  your walls?  It looks like a nice soft white…Thanks!

  • Jenny

    Are you a person who cannot face the truth ????
    Why are you pretending to be a Doctor????

    • Elena

      THANK YOU!! I checked EVERY WHERE no record of her being a dr ! 

      • Kristina Grimes

        No intelligent medical provider would use his or her real name on an internet blog, for many reasons. Just enjoy the content and quit wasting your time trying to prove someone wrong. No one appreciates your negativity.

        • Vicky

          She is a doctor who got her degree overseas and cannot get certified in Canada because she can’t pass the exams here. Too bad, but happens to a lot of doctors who think they can just go away and come back and get certified. There’s a reason why overseas medical schools are easier to get into.

          • Anonmee

            Actually. She went to Medical school in Poland and she IS certified here. Because she realized she has other passions is NOT a crime.

            Jagiellonian University Medical College is one of the most prestigious IN THE WORLD. Woman is smart AND likes pretty and beautiful things…oh no. What a crime.

            Get over it people. Cindy Crawford has a degree in Law.

          • Vicky

            I think you are mistaken.

            I am in the medical profession myself and I guarantee you that Jagiellonian University Medical College is not one of the most prestigious medical schools in the world. It is, I agree, it is perhaps one of the oldest and likely the best in Poland, but it is far from being one of the best in the world.

            Please check your facts (and grammar!) before you post comments and act like it is the truth.


    • Vicky

      She is a doctor…who got her degree overseas and cannot get certified in Canada because she can’t pass the exams here. Too bad, but happens to a lot of doctors who think they can just go away and come back and get certified. There’s a reason why overseas medical schools are easier to get into.

  • Rebeccah B

    I love her bathroom, office and bedroom super chic and gorgeous! Love all the white! Her whole house gives me tons of inspiration!

  • Ewa Dominczak

    Monika I love your house. So clean and tidy. Beautifully decorated. Good luck with everything.

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  • Elena

    what kind of Dr is she? why isn’t any medical record of her in official bc doctors directory? 

  • Jenn L

    Love your home!

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  • monika borkowska

    much love and envy for monika. i especially heart the beautiful hardwood floor. sadly, my toddler would destroy this space.

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  • Jessicaannyan

    Can someone help me with the colour of the walls? they don’t seem to be perfectly white because when you compare the colour to the wall plugs they’re different. if someone could help that’d be great! thanks

  • jewelry stores

    Great house, perfect for you!

  • Chiccoastalliving

    Love this interview and home tour! Simply stunning and I love the way she and her husband made the design work for both of them! Bravo!


    Love this interview and home tour! Simply stunning and I love the way she and her husband made the design work for both of them! Bravo!

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  • Tracy

    I love this entire home and the art above the sofa also caught my eye!  Did you paint this Monica or can you share where you found it? Thank you!

    • Sam

       I’ve seen that painting in HomeSense in Canada… so you may be able to find it there!

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  • guest

    where are the towels from?

  • carter

    I really like her computer background! Any idea where to get one like that?

    • sammy

      has anyone found out where to download this computer wallpaper? i love it and need it! :)

  • Sweets_1234

    soooo beautiful! this is my dream room!

  • Chatabortoni

    May I ask where are the shelves from??

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  • Melissa

    Where did you buy your black leather sectional?

  • Julie

    Such a beautiful home! I’m so thankful to have found this post as I’m currently decorating our new home and finding it tough to always find a happy medium between my love for all things shiny & glittery vs my husbands appreciation for all things “earthy”. Lovely home, Monika!

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  • Di

    I love everything about the house except how close that one towel is to the toilet. Ewwww…

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  • A

    Towels by the commode is nasty!!!!

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  • Kate

    She went to medical school in Europe and not working in the field….Now she’s a blogger, sells her bracelets and works at The Bay? Confusing.

  • Ali

    Where did you get that jewelry dress form?

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  • Alina Ermilova

    So beautiful! I love the whole decoration!:)

  • Emmy

    Oh my goodness this house is just a dream!

    Although, I think if I were to live in a house like this, I would freak out trying to keep everything clean!

    And where on earth did you get that mannequin stand (where all your jewelry is)?

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  • Amalia

    Style and Design but… a towel next to the toilet bowl…bacteria erupts out of the flushing toilet bowl, not to mention the splashes of urine. I did not expect to see this into a doctor’s house.

  • Shonna

    I love this! I pinned lots of these images! Glitter Guide is one of my favourite blogs, I hadn’t realized until lately that you were local (Vancouver). Please continue to indicate the sources for all the beautiful decor and clothing you show, as I love to know where to get the things I see featured.

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