DIY: Neon Necklace

Written by on February 22, 2012 in DIY, Lifestyle - 77 Comments
DIY Neon Necklace

Hi Glitter Girls!  It’s Grace, from Stripes & Sequins here to bring you another fun (and incredibly easy) DIY project.

The inspiration

Is it just me or has this Adia Kabur necklace been absolutely everywhere? At $144, it’s a bit pricey. So, when asked if I could DIY it, I was up for the challenge.

You only need two things for this DIY: 1.5 yards of metallic resin chain* and a can of neon pink spray paint.

Split your chain into two pieces.  In a well-ventilated space, begin spraying one section of the chain. Be careful to use very thin coats of paint and to let dry 30 minutes between each coat. Once you are satisfied with the results, flip over and paint the other side.

Let dry overnight. You now have two pieces of chain, neon pink and silver.

Carefully rejoin the pink chain to the silver chain, being sure that the chain does not twist. You’ll now have a loop.

And you are finished! I love this necklace with a collared shirt (Try a white Equipment blouse, as pictured above!)

*I had an incredibly tough time sourcing the resin chain.  M&J Trimming has a huge selection of it. I spoke with them, and you can order it from them via phone.  Call 212-391-6200, and ask them for the 30MM Plastic Chains in Silver.  The item # is 39196003, and it is $15.98 per yard.

  • Ashley

    This is an amazing DIY! I am on the hunt for the chain now!

  • Paula

    Obsessed! What a great DIY! THanks!

  • My Dressy Ways

    Well done Grace!

  • Jessica @ becoming refined

    Such a cool DIY, especially compared to the price of the actual necklace.

  • marian

    how do you split the chain and reattach it? just pliers?
    also: will the spray paint rub off and do i need to do a finishing coat of some kind?

    looks great!

  • Kanae J

    This is so haute. I’m doing it this wknd so I can take it with me to L.A.

    Love it

  • Grace – Stripes & Sequins

    Hi Marian, The plastic chains actually easily open so you can reconnect without using plyers. The spray paint will not rub off – if you use plastic… (don’t use spray paint on metal chain or it will rub off!) No finishing coat required.

  • Jordan – Queen of LA

    grace – your advice is always so thorough! i love your creativity.

  • Millie

    Great idea, love it!

  • Judi

    Love this idea. Now where does one find this plastic chain?
    Thank you for a great idea.

    • Grace – Stripes & Sequins

      Hi Judi, It was tricky to source… but I found it at M&J Trim. They were unable to photograph it and add it to their site, but they assured me that if GG readers wanted to call in and order it, they would be able to. (Ordering information is above, at the bottom of the post!)

  • alyson

    wow, gorgeous! this is something I could easily accomplish.

  • BmoreLoveLeigh

    Awesome DIY!

  • {The Design Daredevil} Jessie D. Miller

    Oh lord! I can’t wait to do this!!!!

  • carla mccarthy

    Wow , thanks so muchhhh , you are so sweet!!! I just ordered 3 yards, so i can play with neon green!!!

  • jackie

    Wow!! This looks identical!!! It’s so edgy paired with a basic blouse, love this look!

  • percentblog

    Looks great! Definitely use plastic chain or the necklace will be way too heavy! But this looks great!

  • Patrice

    Love it..Wondering if you’d get a brighter pink by using white resin chain for the portion you are going to spray instead of trying to cover the darker silver….

  • Patrice

    Love It I wonder if you’d get a brighter pink if you used a white resin instead of silver and you weren’t working to cover up a darker color….

    • Grace – Stripes & Sequins

      Hi Patrice!  You probably would – but I was unable to source white chain.  Another option would be to prime the necklace with a coat of white spray paint.

  • Catherine

    You read my mind! Does the paint wear off at all?

    • Grace – Stripes & Sequins

      Hi Catherine!  No, the paint does not wear off!  But it’s important to use resin chain vs.  metal, otherwise it may wear off.

      • Catherine Cason

         Thanks Grace! It’s now on my to do list :)

  • Erika [small shop]

    Grace this is awesome!! You’re a genius!

  • Caitlin

    what a fun and easy way to make a statement necklace. love it!

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  • Anna

    This is awesome, but won`t the color come of on the shirt? 

    • Grace – Stripes & Sequins

      Hi Anna, Nope – it doesn’t come off on a shirt.  It might if you use metal chain, which is why I recommend plastic.

  • Kayddod

    Where do you find chain like this?  It’s cool.  

    • Kayddod

      Sorry, should have read more before asking.  I see!  Thanks!

  • LikeLoveStyle

    I love this idea! Really cute!

  • The Life of Clare

    I love this and have been trying to find this chain also!  I’m in Australia and have looked on ebay, craft shops, and I’m thinking that hardware stores will be next.  Thank you so much for putting this up and inspiring me to give it a go!

  • Keren Veisblatt

    I ADORE this idea. However, how do I keep the spray paint from coming off? Should I cover the necklace in some sort of “finishing spray” or “setting spray”? I am so nervous about that pink color just rubbing off on your crisp white shirt! 

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