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31 bits

The ladies behind 31 Bits (left to right: Jessie Simonson, Kallie Dovel, Anna Nelson, Brooke Hodges and Alli Swanson)

Inspired by a trip to Uganda in 2007, Kallie Dovel came back home to the USA determined to create an opportunity for the many women she met and became friends with during her travels. The concept is simple: 31 Bits works with women in Northern Uganda, purchasing jewelry from the artisans on a monthly basis and creating a working relationship that empowers the women to rise above poverty.

Each piece of jewelry is handmade and created from 100% recycled materials. Not only does 31 Bits provide these 108 Ugandan women with a consistent source of income, but it also provides developmental opportunities, English lessons, community groups, and health education. We’re completely inspired by the young women behind 31 Bits, and encourage you to check out their beautiful website as well as the handcrafted works made by these incredible women! You can also stay in touch with 31 Bits on Facebook.

Images: 31 Bits

  • Lena’s Blend

    Love the 2 necklaces showcased…pretty pieces.

  • Emily

    the necklaces are so pretty! thanks for posting about this :)

  • Anna / angelinthenorth

    You’re right the 31 Bits story and the women behind it are truly inspiring. And the jewellery is s beautiful! I desperately want them to start selling in the UK.

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  • TheHuntSF

    Glad you covered this project, thanks. It’s great to learn how to support efforts for the causes you believe in. 

  • Niki W

    I really love the info you gave about the company, I have previously heard of 31 Bits but wasn’t completely sure of who they were. The article gave a good background on how they came to be, what their goals are, and how they are completing them today. It was also helpful that there were direct links to their sites as well. It would be great if there was a follow up article on there progress today :)

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