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With a penchant for all things involved in good fashion, good food, and good wine, best friends Samantha and Kendall joined together to create their blog Sequin Harvest. The girls grew up together before separating for school, so when they got the chance to reunite in Napa Valley, creating a website to celebrate the beauty in their lives and share their favorite things with readers was a no-brainer. The girls love sharing their seriously stylish wardrobes and lifestyle tips on their blog, and we love heading to their site for inspiration. When they’re not creating fabulously stylish posts for Sequin Harvest, Samantha is working at her family’s winery, Rudd Estate (her father owns Dean & Deluca too!), and Kendall is working on rebranding the historic Oakville Grocery. The two best friends shared with us their thoughts on fashion, life in California, their favorite recipes and even let us take a peek into their chic homes.

First, can you share your background? What do you do and how did you became friends? Do you both work for Dean & Deluca and Rudd Estate right now?
Samantha: We met in middle school and have been friends ever since. We started leaving each other for school at young age, Kendall went to boarding school in California and I went to boarding shool back east, then we flipped coasts for college, but we finally made our way back to the valley for work and we are happy to be close again. I work for my family’s winery right now, Rudd Estate. In the summer, I do a lot of the production side of the business out in the vineyards. Right now, I am doing the fun part, getting to do a lot of the travel and the tours with guests. Dean and Deluca is an amazing company my dad owns but that is something I will get more invovled with down the road. The winery is where I put all my attention and what I’m focusing on now. That and Sequin Harvest, of course!

Kendall: After a few trips back and forth across the country we are both back in Napa. I just started working for the Oakville Grocery on a complete renovation and rebranding project. The grocery has been around since the late 1800s serving as a local mercantile back in the day, and now, as a gourmet grocery. All of the products come from California, with a focus on Napa and Sonoma counties. I am working on finding new, interesting food products, as well as updating the logo and overall look and feel of the store. I am so excited to be working in food, especially at a place that focuses on local, fresh ingredients. I miss seeing Sam everyday at the winery, but the blog is a great excuse to meet after work for a few photos and dinner.

“We’re both Jewelery freaks so whenever someone takes pictures of us you can almost always bet there will be one like this. These are some of our favorites. I’m wearing the rose gold Jennifer Fisher ‘ R’ ring I always wear and some other fun rings and bracelets. One of my favorites pieces is that big raw diamond ring I got in Santa Fe, New Mexico.” -Samantha

Samantha- “This is one of my favorite all time buys- a Phillip lim jacket with these cool ruffles but on the back it has these cool rocker studs you can’t see. I wear it a ton.” Kendall-“I’m wearing a Sequin blazer from Urban Outfitters, J. Crew pants, Kain Label t-shirt, Chanel purse, Christian Louboutin shoes, and Nars Schapp lips.”

What was the inspiration for starting the blog Sequin Harvest?
Samantha: We both loved blogs and we live in such an amazing place and get to do some amazing things with our lives, why not share it. I am in Zurich right now for work, writing about a blog I do for fun with my best friend. That is pretty cool.

Kendall: The lifestyle in Napa really embraces all of the things we love; fashion, food, and wine. We really wanted to incorporate all of those things in our blog, especially wine as it becomes a bigger part of our generation. Napa is such a unique place and we both love to share it. The blog is a great creative outlet and has become a big inspiration for me. I definitely have more fun getting dressed in the morning!

“This is like my little jewelery shop. It makes me so freaking happy in the mornings to see all the color and sparkle.”-Samantha

“My summer bag is going to be this neon pink number by Celine. The mural in the background is something my mom ripped out of British Vogue a few years back and then commissioned a local artist to paint on that wall in my room. I love it and I never get sick of it.”-Samantha

How does living in Napa affect your personal style?
Samantha: I don’t think living in Napa affects my style as much as living in California does. Kendall and I always joke about me being the California girl and her being the New Yorker. I love the casual aspect of Napa, but also that you can pretty much wear anything you want. There are really no expectations, at least at our age!

Kendall: Living in Napa has brought some color back into my wardrobe! I admit after living in New York it had gotten a bit black. The seasons here really inspire me, the colors are absolutely beautiful. Napa is a bit more casual, but it allows you to play around with fashion.

“These are two of my favorite shoes (Margiela booties & Manolo Blahnik pumps) with a Gandhi painting my good friend did for me in high school. She is an amazing artist and she said the quotes in the drawing remind her of me so it’s always been a staple in all of my rooms.”-Samantha

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