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Fashion and technology–the unlikely couple that works so well together. This happy marriage is bringing our passions together and making our stylish obsessions easier to find, buy and share. Who knew these formerly exclusive cliques would meld so well?

Apps like Instagram and Camera Zoom FX have us sharing snaps of our latest style obsessions with a few taps of a pink-polished finger on our smart phone screen. We are constantly clicking around sites like Facebook and Twitter for the latest buzz, and we check out our favorite fashion bloggers’ glittery takes on sartorial indulgences every day. As these two seemingly opposite realms grow closer together, the thrill of what is possible has us on the tips of our toes.

Body Scans: Next Fashion Frontier?
We caught wind of a new development in the fashion and technology world that has the potential to change the way we shop online. Finding your perfectly fitted J.Crew gingham when shopping at home in PJs? Buying the latest from Kate Spade without the worry of returns? Needless to say, this piqued our interest.

New body scan technology, which is currently being used in fashion schools, is proving to be an exciting concept. Stepping into a photo booth-like box for less than a minute lets a few quick flashes of light create a virtual grid that then becomes an avatar, perfectly matched to your proportions. You can even customize skin tone, hair color and facial features for a personalized shopping buddy.

Currently, body scans let fashion students drape fabric on their “model” with ease, letting the creativity flow without investing as much time and material in the planning process of a look. In the future, a simple scan could allow you to upload your avatar to your favorite shopping sites, letting you jump into a virtual fitting room that can tell you if that pretty gold skirt will lay flat or not. Even if you have to shop without your best friend there to chime in, this technology will let you see if the outfit is a yes or a no. Plus, how fun would it be to create outfits and style yourself virtually? Imagine shopping on your iPad and seeing the outfits pre-fitted onto your body!

This development could also help the couture industry grow and make customized pieces more accessible. We’re currently coveting a sequin-sleeved blazer, and a quick body scan could help a tailor whip up a pattern and create a pretty piece for us without the hassle of multiple fittings. How exciting would that be?

With the ways technology and fashion are pushing each other forward, we can’t wait to see what happens next.


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