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Photography: Emily Johnston Anderson

Alyssa Hertzig is truly the epitome of a Glitter Girl: she spends her days working as the Beauty Director at SHAPE Magazine, testing out new products and writing about the best in beauty. In her free time she writes her personal blog The Sparkly Life, where she explores her love of fashion and all things sparkly. She’s even raising a future Glitter Girl—her adorable daughter Sadie has already developed a penchant for sparkles and stylish pieces. Alyssa’s love of all things chic is made evident through her breathtaking shoe collection and bright, airy home décor. She recently invited us to her Williamsburg, Brooklyn home to take a peek at her covetable closet and stylish abode.

“This is our living room—I love the huge window and the brown, tan, and blue color palette. Since my daughter plays in here every day, we had to decorate it with her in mind, hence the dark couch and soft, rounded tables. And that’s not the only way she’s left her mark on the décor: In front of that window, there may or may not usually be an Elmo ball pit…! And ha—I just realized that my addiction to One Kings Lane is very evident in this shot. The blue side table, both of the pillows, and the mirrored tray are all from that site—eek! I’m clearly obsessed.” Wearing Rebecca Taylor dress & belt, Rachel Rachel Roy heels, and a Pamela Love necklace.

“Here are a few of my favorite shoes hanging out in my closet: (clockwise from top left) forest-green Marni sandals that you can barely see peeking out—I snatched them up from Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes when she sold some of her stuff online; leopard print Manolo Blahniks that I bought on eBay; Barbie-pink Louboutins; silver glittery Zara heels; nude-patent Louboutins; and studded black Loubs with a crazy-high heel.”

As beauty director for SHAPE Magazine you must try a ton of beauty products. What are some of your current favorites?
I definitely try out loads and loads of products. This is a big part of my job, so I am always switching it up and finding new favorites. Right now, a few of the things I’m especially loving are Estee Lauder Invisible Fluid Makeup (it feels like nothing on but somehow still has awesome coverage), Olay Regenerist UV Defense Lotion SPF 50 (like any good beauty editor, I’m a stickler for wearing sun protection every day), Child perfume (so sexy!), Kerastase Masquintense (perfect for my long, superdry hair), Fekkai Glossing Cream (I use it as a leave-in conditioner), Yes to Carrots Facial Towelettes (amazing for taking off makeup), and the Proactiv 3 Step System (I had bad breakouts for years until I jumped on this bandwagon—now I’m a total convert). Ahh! It’s so hard because I really could go on forever.

How did you get interested in beauty?
I’ve always been obsessed with beauty products and I’ve always loved writing—I just never really knew that there might be a way to combine the two things into a career. I started out in magazines as an editorial assistant/glorified receptionist at Harper’s Bazaar, and while there, I noticed that there were people in the office who got to try beauty products and write about them for their actual job! At the time, Bazaar’s beauty director was Kerry Diamond, who is now the vice president of PR for Coach and is one of my mentors and favorite people in the whole world. I practically stalked Kerry until she hired me, and ever since, writing about beauty has been my actual job, too.

“One of the best parts of our apartment has to be this closet. I’m not, shall we say, a neat person by nature, but having a lot of room really helps me to keep things relatively orderly. I used to share the closet with my husband, but I had a professional organizer come over one day to help me get it in order, and the first thing she said was: “Do Greg’s clothes definitely have to be in here?” After that, his stuff was banished to the guest room. It’s actually been great for many reasons: I have much more space, and it turns out that you tend to argue with your spouse a lot less if you’re not constantly stepping over their clothes.” Wearing Zara jacket, DL 1961 jeans, vintage necklace, J. Crew tee, Christian Louboutin shoes.

“I couldn’t resist buying Sadie these glittery gold shoes (similar). They’re still a little too big for her, so for now, they’re holding court in my closet.”

“I love, love, love jewelry, and one of my favorite ways to kill time is shopping for vintage jewelry on eBay. The four rhinestone necklaces here are all eBay finds and all were under $30—two were under $10! The bangles in the bottom right corner are Hermes enamel bracelets, which I adore. The necklace on the left with the burgundy pearls and the crystal pendant is actually something I made a few years back. I used to love making my own jewelry—my best friend Dana and I actually used to have our own line that was sold in local boutiques when I lived in Chicago.”

How would you describe your personal style?
Feminine and girly, but with a slight edge, and almost always revolving around accessories. I tend to gravitate towards solid-colored clothes, which I then punch up with a statement necklace or a great pair of shoes.

Do you have a go-to pair of pants or a dress that you tend to re-style season after season?
I definitely have a few go-to dresses. One of my favorites is an airy dove-gray tank dress that I’ve had for years. In the winter I wear it with tights and a black sweater. In the spring, I pair it with blush-pink heels and a matching cardigan.

These spiky Christian Louboutins are my all-time favorite pair of shoes. I randomly saw red-carpet pictures of Martina McBride wearing them at the Grammys last year, and I became totally fixated on finding them. They were sold out everywhere, but finally, Barneys tracked down a pair for me in California. To say that they’re definitely not the most comfortable things in the world is putting it mildly, but look at them—I mean, really, who cares?”

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  • Sethrin

    is it just me or is everyone’s décor is starting to look the same? still pretty though, just nothing new, all perfectly styled. ahhh

    • Etta

      so true. all these women are starting to become an assembly line of stepford wives, imitating eachothers’ styles, buying or c/oing the same ugly monogram tiffany tote, wearing the same black zara heels and getting featured for their “original” style just because they drop “ebay” or “thrift” or “etsy” into conversation and are therefore so unique. yawn. i’d love to see real, unique style make a comeback in features. not the same carefully stacked poseur coffee table books (which they never read) on top of pale parisian end tables that signal these married women are still in middle school decorating their own “princess” rooms-remember you got married ladies. ask your husband if he’d like to select atleast one piece of furniture in your home. Or live like diego and frieda did – separately. 

  • April

    Love, love, LOVE reading about other stylish mamas out there! 

  • Jordan – Queen of LA

    she sounds so lovely. and what a cool job! can’t wait to check out her blog!

  • Tall girl

    I would just love to meet Alyssa in real life – she sounds just hillarious! And all those bottles of nail polish are to die for…

    But I agree with Sethrin below, that most of the interior designs featured on Glitter Girl look exactly the same. It’s not that the houses/flats are not beautiful, but it would be nice to see someone go wild with colours or go more minimalist. You need to keep us wanting to come back for more, you know. :o)

    • glitterguide


      We feature women with a certain style that embodies GG–so that might be the issue. However, if you find someone you want to recommend with a different style that would be a fab feature –we’re always open to that! xx-

  • BmoreLoveLeigh

    I spot a Gemma Redux necklace!  Love GR. 

  • NY.LON

    LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOVE the artwork by Anna Coroneo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GawgusThings

    Ooh, I love all of these sparkly things!

  • Lynn

    LOVE her daughter’s smocked dress!  Would love to know where it is from!?

    • Alyssa Hertzig

      Hi Lynn, I bought the smocked dress on Zulily (I’m obsessed with that site–so great for kid’s clothes). I forgot the brand name, but if you send me a tweet or email me through the contact form on my blog, I will look at home tonight & let you know! :) -Alyssa

  • Cougarvintage

    Lovely interview!

  • For the love of black.blogspot

    Love Sadies tiny gold shoes!!!

  • Megan

    Alyssa is one of my faves on twitter and I was expecting nothing less! Her apartment is amazing, as is her vintage jewelry collection! Oh, and i am obsessed with the YSL envelope clutch. Thanks for sharing!

  • Yanira Garza

    I had no idea who she was and I’m glad you featured her. I’m really liking her blog and love seeing other moms featured! Hooray for us glitter moms!

    • Alyssa Hertzig

      Glitter moms! I love that! :)

  • Monique

    LOVE!! How cute is her daughter in those Louboutins?? It can’t get much better than that :)

    x Monique
    Petite Avenue

  • Dana

    What shade are you using in the EL invisible? 

    • Alyssa Hertzig

      Hi Dana! I wear 1CN1 in the EL foundation. (I’m super pale!)

  • Kate {Something Fabulous}

    Wow, I am so super jealous of her wardrobe! Gorgeous!

    Kate {Something Fabulous}

  • Tracy

    Love your blog, and I LOVE the photo of your daughter trying on your shoes.  Can you tell me if that crib is the Bella crib from Bellini?  

    • Alyssa Hertzig

      OMG! you have an AMAZING eye! Yep, that’s the Bella crib from Bellini :)

      • Rebecca421

        Scrap my original request asking where the crib was from – just saw this!!

        I actually went into the Bellini store last week to look at the Bella crib.  I didn’t notice the floral piece on the curved back in this pic that I knew the bella had so I assumed it was a different crib.  For real, good eye Tracy!

  • Jolie Jouel

    Wow, what a dream job! I would love trying out the newest creams and makeup. Great wardrobe, house, answers, and adorable daughter.

    My jewelry blog:

  • Catherine Cason

    spotted Cambridge satchel!

  • Jessa

    I always enjoy getting a peek of another woman’s fabulous life and style, but Alyssa’s feature was especially enjoyable! I love that she has a fabulous life without projecting an image of haughtiness or getting caught up in the “stuff”. Pointing out that she doesn’t usually wear spiked stilettos while reading to her sweet girl seems obvious, but so many shoots are styled in such a way that it seems they want you to believe it’s realistic to do that kind of thing! It is possible to work hard and have a fabulous family/life/style and I am happy to see a woman featured who seems to both make it happen and genuinely enjoy it. Alyssa-your great personality is your best accessory and it shines thorough in this great feature!

    • Alyssa Hertzig

      OMG! This might seriously be the sweetest thing I have EVER read. Thank you so much! :)
      xoxo -Alyssa

  • WhatWouldGwynethDo

    Two of my favorite Twitter finds reunited! Fun read, ladies! 

  • Candacefremder

    I am dying for one of those Anna Coroneo paintings! I just looked at her site and her work is amazing!!! for anyone else who is a fan :)

  • Vinaya

    Does anyone know where she got her grey 3/4 sleeve shirt from that she’s wearing in the second last photo?

    • Alyssa Hertzig

      i got it at J.Crew! :)

  • Diana

    definitively a glitter girl, inspirational woman!

  • FashionableLena

    I love her blog, and it’s on my blogroll rotation.  What caught my eye was the blog title-The Sparkly Life.  I love almost anything with sparkles.

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  • Laura

    Love her polish on her toes! Oh for the life of a beauty editor!

    • Vinaya

      I purchased a similar colour. Orange Pop #59333 by Quo by Orly. It is a Canadian brand.

      • Laura

        Thank you! i’ll be scouring the internet now 

  • Rebecca421

    Hi – 

    Loving this blog entry and of course the cute photo of Sadie in those amazing CL heels!  

    Random Question:  Where did you find that crib?  I’m in search of a white crib with a curved back, turned side spindles and a storage drawer – check, check and check!  Love it.

  • Natasha Fatah

    Oh wow, she has my dream closet!


  • TheClosetAnthropologist

    I recently turned a spare bedroom into an office/closet, because I also agree that it’s much easier to not share the closet with your significant other. I love checking out how the fashion-obsessed organize their closets, this was no exception!

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  • Osaidali5

    lovely… thanks for sharing

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