How To: Build A Flower Arrangement

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flower arrangement

Hi Glitter Girls, it’s Mitchell from Dear Marguerite! Whenever I entertain, I love having fresh flowers in the house.  My favorite bouquets are typically chic and very simple, comprised of pastel peonies, hydrangeas, and roses.  But lately, I’ve been eyeing all of the brightly hued flowers at the market.  I decided to throw a last-minute dinner party last weekend, and thought it would be the perfect excuse to create cheerful floral arrangements.  Here are easy steps to creating your own sunny bouquets this spring and summer:

Step 1: Choose your vase.  With bright flowers, I adore three of the same vase lined in the center of a rectangular dining table.

Step 2: Choose bright florals for your arrangement, and stick with only a few colors.  Today I bought yellow, pink, and green.

Step 3: Sprinkle a light dusting of plant food (included with most bunches) into each vase. Next, fill the vases about three quarters of the way full with water.

Step 4: Trim your stems!  I love using herb clippers (similar pair here).  Always cut the stem at a diagonal!

Step 5: Begin arranging your flowers!  Start with one bunch, and lean it against one side of the vase.  Continue building the outside of your arrangement, gradually adding flowers to the center.  As you trim each bunch, leave the stems on the center flowers a bit longer than those on the sides.

Step 6: As you continue building your arrangement, play around with your different colors and textures.

Step 7: Fill the vases with three differently styled arrangements.  Your table will be beautifully adorned with fun, sunny flowers!

BONUS Step: One of my favorite things about making floral arrangements is using the leftover flowers!  I love filling small, quirky vases (like these Jonathan Adler vases, available here) and placing them in a powder room or on a bedside table for a little bit of cheer.  I filled the “boy” vase with all green flowers for a masculine feel, and the “girl” vase with pinks and yellows to make me happy!

  • Samira Reyes

    love this!! love the cute little vases!!!!

  • Pat Goodman

    Seems so easy when someone else does it!  Thanks for the tips – think I will give it a try!

  • Patsy

    fabulous! great tip about the left over flowers, too – I do this with the broken stems. I love the idea of putting a tiny happy in an unexpected place!

  • Cdmstone

    These small vases look fabulous – easy and beautiful too.  I’ll try it for a party I’m having next week.  

  • Jan Wofford

    I love the boy and girl vases!

  • Lindsay Van Cleave

    Love this tutorial! I always want fresh flowers, but never know how to arrange them.

  • InvitationCnsultants

    great tutorial!

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  • Jolie Jouel

    Love how fresh and wild these flowers are…no stuffy roses here!

  • pntszdinFluence

    I love this! Now if I can just keep the flowers alive longer than 3 days, life will be great.

  • Charlottiehunter

    gorgeous! love it so much :) I think I feel like building a flower arangement right now :) check out my blogspot? –

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  • Annaliese Reyes

    i love this! thanks! always trying to improve my flower skills

    Annaliese {Lambs & Kings}

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  • Amber

    This is also really helpful for bouquets in a DIY wedding, too! I made my own bouquets, and had to try many times because I never knew to start on the outside and work my way in. Thanks for the advice!

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