Shop The Street: Abbot Kinney Boulevard, Venice

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Gjelina Take Away aka GTA (1427 Abbot Kinney Blvd): If you’re not in the mood to deal with the massive lines (and steep prices) at Gjelina, GTA next door is the perfect place to get your fix of rich seasonal fare. We always have trouble deciding between the roasted butternut squash farro, the chopped kale salad, and the thin, crispy pizza with fontina and bitter greens. Even a simple turkey sandwich — served with dijon aioli, oregano dressing, and avocado — somehow provides a gourmet experience!

Surfing Cowboys (1624 Abbot Kinney): The owners of this store, Wayne and Donna Gunther, are former fashion photographers, which is no surprise given their impeccable taste. At Surfing Cowboys, they have collected a charming and unique assortment of goods that make great gifts, as well as reasonably-priced, mid-century furniture that sparks our wildest design fantasies.

Fiore Designs (1617 Abbot Kinney Blvd): This boutique floral studio is one of the most charming flower shops we’ve ever seen. Between the quaint old bird cages, romantic bouquets, and potted succulents, we are pretty much in love.

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  • Teissia

    Love these girls and these pics!!

  • Rita

    I love this article!  It makes me want to do a ton of shopping on Abbot Kinney!  I love the Broke Girls.  

  • Deborah

    No offense, but Local 1205 and Intelligentsia are two of the MOST overpriced spots for what they’re selling. How do those qualify for the Broke Girls??

    • Guest

      The article states in the beginning that they are not doing a “Broke Girls” adventure for this particular task…

  • Sethrin

    love the pics!

  • Ashley

    I love their blog!!! It’s nice to see such cute and savvy girls.

  • Aili

    I’m a huge fan of Broke Girls and this is amazing!  These girls know what they’re talking about.  Gjelina Take Away is one of my faves too.  And what adorable pics.  I want to see more!

  • EB2

    Such a great article on Venice and these girls are adorable! Love their site.  

  • Lauren

    LOVE THIS!  Great insight and great tips – and GREAT pics!  These girls could not be any cuter.  If you don’t already subscribe to their newsletter you must sign up!  

  • Lauren

    If these places are fit for “broke” then this guide is plain stupid. 

    • Jennifer

       Relax, this isn’t like a guide to finances — it’s just a fun look around at all the cool places and inspiring fashion to be found on Abbot Kinney!

    • glitterguide

      Yes, this isn’t about ‘affordable’ places. We just asked the girls behind BGG to share cool spots to check out on Abbot Kinney (near their office). To see affordable places and things in LA –check out their site. :)

  • MallieLanham

    every one needs inspiration… and some times inspiring things may be a bit outside of “normal” budgets… 

  • Kate {Something Fabulous}

    Such cute photos! I love the look of the shop.

    Kate {Something Fabulous}

  • Lindsay Van Cleave

    Every place looks amazing! I would be all over Bountiful! It looked so cool!

  • Bettina

    Perfect timing I’m heading up that way later this weekend! 

  • Lindsay

    Now I really can’t wait to get to LA. I think a day in Venice will be required :)

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