DIY: Tory Burch Necklace

Tory Burch inspiration

Grace here from stripes + sequins for another fun little DIY session! I’ve had a major obsession with all things tortoise this spring–this lovely resin necklace from Tory Burch in particular! But oh my, at $425…it’s a bit spendy, don’t you think? I set out to create it on my own with materials from M&J Trimming, and I’m delighted to share the simple process with all of you!

What you’ll need:
Gold craft wire
Faux tortoise buckles (4 small, one large): You could order these and break off the center portion–or simply call M&J Trim and request the rectangular buckles without a center bar!
– 6 large (10mm) brass jump rings
– 1 large lobster clasp
– 4 square 19mm x 19mm acrylic gemstones
– About 16” of 17mm gold chain (note: this is one of my favorite chains for making necklaces–I order it in bulk!)

1. The easiest way to start this project is to look at each of the five pendants separately and make those first. We’ll start with the center one.  Begin by taking your large buckle and wrapping the top bar with wire.

2. Wrap continuously until the wire wrapping is substantial, and then wrap in your jump ring.  The large pendant is complete!

3. For the smaller pendants, repeat the steps used to make the larger one. Next, take a smaller piece of wire and thread on one of the gemstones.

4. Attach the gemstone as shown above, and wrap the wire on to blend in with the other wire.

5. Tuck the wire ends in. Your small pendant is complete!

6. Repeat and you’ll have five perfect pendants, ready to be attached! Hook the pendants onto your chain.

7. Add a clasp to one end of the chain and a jump ring to the other, and voilà!–your necklace is complete!

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