Blogging & Technology: Behind The Scenes With Lisa Thiele Of With Style & Grace

Lisa Thiele is a gluten-free entertainer, inspiring a new way of healthy living with delicious gluten-free recipes that are easy and attainable for the everyday cook. In addition, she helps every host and hostess accommodate guests with food allergies (and those without such allergies won’t even notice!). As a full-time food blogger and online health coach, Lisa uses technology in many different ways. Whether she’s snapping photos of her delectable food with her camera, sharing recipe sneak peeks on Instagram and Twitter, or talking with her business partner over Skype, Lisa is immersed in a world that centers around technology every day.

We got an exclusive look behind the scenes of her daily routine. She explains how her business wouldn’t run without the help of today’s amazing technology, and discusses how it’s taken her blogging business to the next level.

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Head to Lisa’s blog to get the recipe for her delicious Chickpea Salad.

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Erin for letting us use her amazing space and her beautiful styling work.
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  • Great feature, GG! I’ll have to check her out.


  • can you share what equipment the photographer is using to get the pics?  Its your lead pic on this post 

  • I agree. Technology and social media combined have become a main source for marketing and promotion of products these days! Great article!

  • Whoa, can’t imagine spending that much time on devices. I’ve ran my successful business with almost no technology, why be glued to the phone, twitter, all this networking? It sounds horrifyingly time consuming and boring. What is wrong with just one thing, like Kindle Fire? All that gearing things up must take up so much time, cords being plugged in etc. And what is wrong with just writing a recipe book?

    • It’s just the new generation. This is what the new generation is interested in. Many businesses have to grow with it. Online is an easier access than going to buy a book. Plus online you can always update, and when you have a book you have to publish another one and your readers will have to buy it. Online is free.

  • This is great, I spend a lot of time on social media & it is definitely a traffic driver. Great post & insight, I love to learn how individuals manage their blogs. 

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