5 Things To Try This Weekend {Mother’s Day Edition}

Hi, Glitter Girls! Briony here from A Girl, A Style with your weekly ‘5 Things.’ With Mother’s Day coming up, we’re spending the next week making plans to ensure that our moms have the best day of the year. After all, they gave us life, showed us how to walk in heels, and taught us how to bake a perfect cake–so it’s only fair that we thoroughly spoil them for at least a day!

As always, don’t forget to let us know if you’re doing any of these things (using the hashtag #5things).

Plan a whole day of fun activities together. Why not start with a trip to a museum, followed by brunch or a picnic in a beautiful park? Afterwards, enjoy a walk around the city or a botanical garden, dinner, and a trip to the theatre (don’t forget champagne and popcorn!). (image)

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