8 Ways To Wear Sequins–Without Going Overboard

Written by on May 6, 2012 in Fashion - 14 Comments
how to wear sequins

Sequins. They practically define us–yet even we know they can be tricky to wear! Many fear wearing sparkle during the day, but if done well, it can really make an outfit. The trick is to rock sequins in a casual-glam way that looks effortlessly chic. If you’re wondering how exactly to pull this off, we’ve rounded up eight looks and tips to help:

Mix your sequins with something more casual. We love how Olivia Palermo paired a sequin cardigan with jeans and a white button-down. This look could easily transition from day to night with just a simple switch of shoes! (image)

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  • http://twitter.com/PPFGirl PennyPincherFashion

    Loving all these options – especially the sequin blazer & the cargo jacket/chambray combination with the sequin skirt (will be recreating, for sure)! :)

  • http://twitter.com/tesharasox Chelle

    #2… are you saying you’re supposed to wear a trench coat at work all day? Seriously?

  • Mpwelch48

    The woman with the hat and the red checked shirt looks awful!  Without the hat, with the gingham under the sequins, skinny black jeans … not leggings … a smart jacket and high pointy heels (red, black or silver).  

  • Mpwelch48

    I am sorry … this looks terrible!  (the one with the trench)  The shoes need to be way dressier and skinny heels.  The hair up in a loose knot.  Long, simple earrings and a clutch.  This is not a daytime dress at all.  

  • Mpwelch48

    Other than the models and actresses, you guys lost me on this one … look at Blair Eadie and Pink Peonies for ideas.  They are regular people with fabulous style who can help others learn it.

  • Katharine Tang

    Love sequins! I would wear them to work more but I always fear looking like I’m a flapper girl or going to a night club.

  • Fashion In The Forest

    #5 is amazing.  Seriously my favorite outfit.


  • http://mydalydose.blogspot.com/ Susan
  • http://asequindressatbreakfast.com/ kiley

    sequins have my heart :) great topic – in my opinion, sequins are anytime appropriate :)  

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  • http://withanna.wordpress.com/ Anna

    I love outfit number four it`s really cute!! 

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  • AlisonSheath

    Love the sequin bag – nothing like some sparkle to brighten up a simple outfit.


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