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Mothers and daughters inevitably share a special bond, but one duo has taken that bond even farther by creating a skincare line together! Christy Prunier and her daughter Willa have their own line of products for tweenage girls, also named Willa. With Mother’s Day coming up this weekend, we were inspired to catch up with this mother/daughter team!

Tell us what inspired Willa?
Willa was inspired by my daughter, the namesake of the brand. Four years ago she had taken a bath using her baby sister’s “babyish” body washes and asked me if we could buy skincare products for girls like her. So we looked in mass drug stores and pharmacies and department stores—you name it!—but there was nothing on the market except pink bubblegum-flavored junk made in China. This realization made me think about my own skincare story. I had horrible skin as a girl—way too much sun, and acne treated with heavy antibiotics. I had my first of three facial skin cancers at 29, and MOHS surgery below my eye.

Since then I’ve spent thousands on lotions, potions, and lasers trying to “undo” the damage I did to my skin—and every dermatologist I’ve seen says the same thing: “Christy, the skin damage you are trying to repair is a direct result of what you did or didn’t do to protect your skin when you were younger.” I didn’t want my daughter Willa to repeat my history. And that is how Willa Skincare was born.

We think it’s great that Willa is focused on young girls. What should young girls be doing to take care of their skin?
It’s all about a daily (consistent) skincare routine—you need your girls to start young, gently cleansing and protecting their skin with natural SPF. What I’ve noticed is that most people’s relationships with their skin begin with a problem: a breakout or a sunburn. And that IS the problem. Your skin is your largest organ, and it needs to be cared for from an early age. I didn’t wait for Willa to get a cavity to tell her to brush her teeth! I want her to love and care for her beautiful skin to prevent problems. Willa Skincare is all about prevention.

What are some of your favorite Willa products?
With the weather warming up, I’m loving Born to Glow SPF 15 Shimmer Lotion. It makes your arms and legs look amazing—it has a really subtle shimmer and smells like summer. And my day begins with the Start Fresh Foaming Face Wash and the Face The Day Tinted SPF 30, which protects my skin while making it look great at the same time. People ask why we added tint to our SPF. We did so because natural sunscreens are super white and can make you look like a ghost! With our tint, all you see is beautiful and healthy skin.

What’s next for Willa?
We continue to focus on natural skincare products, and are developing body scrubs and body butters as well as a natural deodorant.

We love that Willa is a mother/daughter team! What are your plans for Mother’s Day?
My mom is coming over with my brother and sister and their kids, and we’re going to have a cookout. I’m hoping there will be some homemade cards, and I’m planning on sleeping in to give my kids time to make me breakfast in bed. Willa makes a great fruit smoothie with strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and flax seed that I love, so I’m hoping I wake up to one of those on Mother’s Day!

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  • This is such a cute product line and a great idea. Skin care – spf most importantly – is so important at every age! Start young!


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