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Photography: Alexandra Frumberg

Nicolette Mason made her way from Los Angeles to New York City to establish herself a fashion writer, and now, working as a personal blogger as well as a contributing writer and editor for some of the most stylish publications around (e.g. Marie Claire, Brooklyn Magazine, Refinery 29 and StyleCaster) she has made her mark. Nicolette embraces all things girlie, from the color pink to her favorite neutral: glitter! With her exuberant take on fashion and her innate sense of style, Nicolette is certainly a quintessential Glitter Girl.

“If you were following me on twitter from February 2011 up until, well, now – you’re probably well aware of my obsessions with glitter and Miu Miu. Put the two together and it’s a deathly combination… From the moment I spied the glitter heels and booties on the Miu Miu FW11 runway, I knew they had to be mine.”

When did you fall in love with fashion?
I think I’ve always been attuned to and interested in fashion, but I first became conscious of my love of fashion when I was about 12-years-old and my friends started picking up teeny-bopper magazines with giant cutouts of teen heart throbs du jour. I went the opposite direction and picked up every fashion magazine that I could — pouring myself into the pages of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. There was no turning back from that point forward.

How would you describe your style?
My style is very intentionally and deliberately feminine. I went through a period in my early adolescence where I rejected femininity and resisted all things girly, while my body did the exact opposite and became hyper-feminized overnight. Since then, I’ve embraced my love of pink, the female form, and all the soft, delicate embellishments assigned to women. I’m fascinated by gender constructs and try to subversively play with them through my wardrobe.

Leigh Viner Artwork

What one item in your closet always seems to make you smile?
My Miu Miu SS10 Cat-Print heels. That entire collection was very important to me. Fashion is as much about the clothes you wear as it is a reflection of our culture, so as the economy took a turn for the worse in 2008, so too did the tone in fashion change — from a colorful exuberance to a dark, understated and utilitarian approach. The Miu Miu SS10 (and Prada, too, of course) were completely set apart from that attitude — and trailblazed with whimsical prints and daisies and crystals and genuine joy. In that sense, having a piece from the collection is almost like having an artifact in my fashion time capsule.

Is there one designer or brand that tends to dominate your closet?
This will surprise no one — but it’s definitely Miuccia Prada. She doesn’t always get it right, but she’s certainly the one designer who resonates with me the most. I think her approach to design is intentionally feminine, but also playful and whimsical. Her aesthetic is never too serious, and is a very important reminder to have fun with fashion.

I grew up in Los Angeles, so even though I’ve lived in New York City for nearly a decade, LA will always be home. I purchased this set of 3 posters with all the neighborhoods in Los Angeles from Going Underground on Etsy.”

What advice would you give to someone seeking to develop her own sense of style?
I think it’s important to remember that style is organic and constantly evolving. If it’s something you have to think about too much, it becomes convoluted and inauthentic. My style has continued to change over the years — but the one thing that remains consistent is my love for femininity and sparkle.

Miu Miu Sequin Clutch & Miu Miu Gold Sunglasses

I have a lot of things, and I’m always struggling to find a place to store them and still be able to see them (this is a constant plight for any New Yorker). The sparkly skull (my budget take on Damien Hirst) is one of my favorite finds from Z. Gallerie. Everytime I’m on the west coast, I have a field day at Z. Gallerie!”

Rodarte x Opening Ceremony Spectator Heels

Mint Skirt – Zara, Skull & Cherry Blossom Tee Shirt – Alexander McQueen, Black and White Scarf – Diane von Furstenberg, Pink Bag – Miu Miu, Heels – Miu Miu, Sunglasses – Miu Miu”

What three things should every Glitter Girl have in her wardrobe?
I’m all about having a few staples in your wardrobe that you can put on and instantly feel refreshed, empowered, and amazing in. For me, it’s the perfect leather jacket (mine is a motorcycle jacket from Topshop and was purchased on sale for about $50), the quintessential little black dress, and an ultra-flattering bright lipstick. With those three items, you can basically build the foundations of your wardrobe and beauty routine!

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  • jacin

    love her style! and those glitter miu miu heels? amaze.

  • Stacie Grissom

    I love Nicolette’s style! The girl can write, dress, and take incredible photos. I agree– a total “Glitter Girl.” :)

  • Lindsey Young

    What amazing style Nicolette has! I am so envious of her Miu Miu collection! 

  • Emma

    I still LOVE that pink feather jacket – it is your signature piece Nicolette. 

  • shopwithpippa

    ha ha … LOVE it that glitter is a Neutral!
    Wow, at first I was going to comment that the sparkly shoes were my favorite, then it was going to be the sparkly skull, then the pink fur but we ended up with the incredible Chanel heels.  LOVE your style!  pippa

  • Curvatude

    fab feature. have always loved nicolette’s girly glittery-ness! 

  • Cvandoorn

    Uhm not to be rude, but those Mui Mui’s are a good 2 sizes too big. Not so ‘glitter’. 

    • nicolette

      they’re not, my foot just isn’t laying flat in that photo. you can tell better in the photo where i’m standing how they fit!

  • Diana Abaroa

    I love her, I read the entire article, and the answer to the last question definitely stole my heart!!

    Nicolette, you’re so inspirational!

  • Jennifer bebon

    Love Nicolette girly style!  She looks so PRETTY, in a retro chic kind of way. LOVE it!

  • Alejandra Ramos

    Love her! Her home is absolutely gorgeous. I’m inspired!

  • Jordan – Queen of LA

    i have known nicolette since high school and i can attest to the fact that she is as beautiful and sparkly and unique on the inside as she is on the outside! this may have been my favorite GG piece yet!

  • Emily

    Great clothes, great writer.  I’m so glad you featured her.

  • Klhattan

    Loved this….she has great style and very pretty.

  • Mariah Carrillo

    This is beautiful! I love seeing the interior photos as well as the fashion shots. 

  • Absolutely Mrs. K

    thank you for featuring one of my favorite bloggers and my nyc icon! 

  • Clarissa Nicole

    Love this article and her style.

  • laura

    I have been looking forward to this feature and it was every bit as gorgeous as I hoped! So wonderful nicolette and the gg girls! 

  • A Girl, A Style

    I am practically giddy to see Nicolette on here as a fellow Glitter Girl. By a happy set of coincidences we found each other’s blogs a couple of years ago, instantly bonded over our love for…practically all the same things, and have been firm friends ever since. I can attest that she is one of the kindest, funniest, sweetest, stylish, sparkliest and most intelligent girls I know (and yes, her apartment is every bit as fabulous as it looks).

    Briony xx

  • bravoshow

    Her place looks fabulous! I wish you guys would have featured more pictures of her apartment as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rachel Phipps

    It would not be a feature on Nicolette Mason without those Miu Miu glitter booties! Also, I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who horeds my NYLON mags like that!

  • Christine @ court and hudson

    YAY, Nicolette!! Obsessed with your GG feature – and love your hair in that top knot : ) 

  • Sharon Dowling

    I love, love, love those pearl inset shoes!!!!  You are a great glitter girl!!!

  • Stephanie Carper

    I officially have a “girl crush” on the fabulous Nicolette! She is amazing. I love her fabulous since of chic feminine style and she has such beautiful intelligence and confidence. I loved “getting to know her better” through this feature! Thanks so much for featuring her! :)

  • Afimason

    Love this girl and her style. She totally seems to be obssessed with Glitter and Miu Miu and more. Great pictures.

    • nicolette

       hi mom

  • twentyonetwo

    That is a seriously amazing Miu Miu collection! Go Nicolette!

  • Cougarvintage

    She’s is definitely a glitter girl! Love her Miu Miu collection!

  • Katharine Tang

    Love these photos! I think she has a great sense of style and I totally agree with her on some of her “must haves”. Sometimes those ARE the foundations of one’s wardrobe!! I know I have my leather jacket in my closet! 😉

  • Hattie

    she’s so cute! i love the way she puts everything together…and i’m completely jealous of her awesome miu miu collection! 

  • Jessica

    “I treat glitter like a neutral”… that has to be made into a poster! so fab!


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  • Jessica @ Becoming Refined

    I love that she adores glitter, it makes everything so fun!

  • Fiona

     Ugh she is so perfect and her apartment is amazing! 

  • kelly jacikas

    LOVED this feature, nicolette is utterly fabulous!

  • Melissa Cahoon

    Nicolette — I love your apartment; especially the perfectly stacked and colorful bookshelves!!

  • Bettina

    Love Nicolette! And really in love with that glittery collection of shoes. Rock on girl!

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  • lauren

    love that she represents a real woman! SO FAB!

  • Ria Michelle

    Her space and her style is so impressive. I’m totally wanting everything!

  • sarah | chevrons & stripes

    i love this – she is SUCH a rock star!!!

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  • Krista

    She rocks those Miu Miu heels like no one I’ve seen. Amazing.

  • Raquel I.Rock.Well

    those glitter miu miu heels are absolutely hideous. just plain awful. but i love the leigh viner artwork. that’s dope. 

  • Kara Brooke

    She’s just adorable, and I adore her style!  Keep rocking it, Glitter!  <3  

  • Tanyaj14_

    Lover her blog!  Those glitter heels are just too perfect.

  • MrsAmy

    I love her commitment and love for a specific designer. I flit all over the place but there is something about a focus on having a favorite, I wish I had a favorite designer. I might commit to Miu Miu if I had a bigger budget.

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