Wellness Wisdom: Janet DeHart

Photography: Ashley Batz

Janet DeHart is a massage therapist and certified yoga teacher based in San Francisco. Her calm warmth is unlike any other we have met, as she is immediately able to make you feel comfortable whether you come to her beautiful, light-filled studio or she comes to you (yes, she makes house calls!). We got the chance to learn more about Janet’s business and get her advice for living a healthy life.

When did you start doing massage?
Officially in 2006 at IPSB Massage center in Pacific Beach. But unofficially I started around 1997, my grandma taught me to give foot massages and apparently I was pretty good at it.

When did you realize it was something that you wanted to do for a living?
When I was a Physical Therapist Aide I decided massage was going to be my career and then I enrolled in classes.

What is your approach to massage? What kinds of things do you find are the most successful with your clients?
I approach massage as a medium to connect people to themselves in therapeutic way. The two things I find most helpful are reminding my clients to breathe and keeping my movements slow.

What’s your favorite type of massage?
To receive? Esalen massage at the Esalen Institute. To give? Pre-natal Massage.

When did you start doing yoga?
When I was 18 I took my first class and decided it was something I always wanted to have in my life.

What prompted you to get certified as a teacher?
I wanted to immerse myself in the philosophy and practice. Becoming a teacher was the easiest way to do that.

What is your philosophy on yoga?
Yoga is just another means to having a loving relationship with yourself.

Do you feel that yoga and massage work hand in hand? If so, how so?
Completely. Both are about feeling good and more connected to yourself.

What does health mean to you?
Health means happiness. It means being in balance with all aspects of yourself and your surroundings. It takes time to figure out what makes ones self feel good and fulfilled, so I say, take your sweet time!

What do you do to stay in shape and be healthy?
I get plenty of rest, fill my fridge with organic fruits and vegetables, I run at least once a week, 1 classical reformer Pilates session per week, at least 1 yoga class a week, I’m always drinking water, and I spend time in nature as often as possible!

What are your top five ways to relax?
Epsom salt baths, practicing yoga, getting a massage, hiking, acupuncture (or as I like to call them, needle naps).

Who’s the most inspirational person you’ve met and why? Or who is most inspirational to you right now?
I feel fortunate in that my life is filled with inspirational people! I really don’t spend time with people who I’m not inspired by.

What’s the best piece of advice that you’ve ever received?
To fully engage in each moment. Everything happens then.

What’s the best piece of advice that you can give to us?
Keep moving and stay curious.

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  • Learning yoga is one of my goals to living a healthier lifestyle and finding ways to tone up and tune out any stress in my life. I just started taking classes a few weeks ago. I went last night and it was such a great way to end a busy day. I like this post and it made me want to keep learning it.

  • I was doing (easy) Yoga for a little while. It does help relax and ease you. Great post and beautiful photos!

  • I love that you posted about someone not involve in fashion. Love it. Makes me want to become a certified Yoga Instructor

  • What an inspiring lady! I love her energy and outlook on life. Love, love, love!

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