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Photography: Jessie Webster

We were enthralled at first sight of accomplished designer Heidi Merrick’s Los Angeles home. Rooted in a rustic design scheme with firm infusions of modernity, each room brims with charm and character. Unique furnishings, sentimental photographs, and antique treasures abound. (We adore the intentional bursts of color and splashes of stripes throughout!) Lush blooms plus bright, illuminated glimpses of the cheerful outdoors add an unparalleled vibrancy. From a cozy fireplace to a patio fit for a queen, Heidi’s abode is a physical manifestation of her creativity, talent, and exceptional aesthetic.

Would you say your collections influence what you bring into your home, or vice versa?
They influence each other; for me, it’s about a mood or aesthetic.  I definitely see one in the other, and in hindsight I always see a through line and it even surprises me.

“I always say my fireplace hosts magical creatures and is a liability.  My husband says we have to keep it because it’s a Bacheldor and there are only 16 in existence.”

You have such an amazing design aesthetic. From where is your design taste inspired?
Thank you! My mind and heart are always seaside. I grew in a small beach town, so I love everything to be cool and relaxed.  My motivation in moving the aesthetic forward is to bring in more sophistication or simplicity — I never decorate.

Is there a certain place that inspired the design of your home?
The house has a Moroccan vibe, it’s a hundred years old and I try to pay homage to that.

“I sewed my first 10 collections on that sewing machine and I bought it with money I won in a scholarship.”

Your home seems to display a lot of eclectic pieces, with rustic elements, mixed with modern pieces. What design style would you say you most gravitate towards?
I just buy what I like.  Be it an amazing photograph or an iron gate or excessive amounts of chandeliers, I want them all to feel true to me in a way.

What is your favorite room in your home?
The Harry Potter room (aka the guest room).  We call it that because that’s where I watch tv and all I watch is Harry Potter. Some people call it the blue bed room.

“I have my mom’s and my mother in law’s record collections. One’s all Beatles and Bob Dylan, the other’s classical and French Horn pieces. JJ and I have Bon Iver and Iron and Wine. I believe the three together make the perfect trifecta.”

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  • Kate {domestikatedlife}

    Her house has such gorgeous light — I love the kitchen, and that big blue four-poster is gorgeous! 

  • Lauren Corso

    It is beautiful. Very eclectic.  I can’t say I would ever be able to pull those elements together, but I really like it!

  • Felicia

    Beautiful post! She has a great aesthetic.

  • mes bijoux

    I adore this home, because it is a lived home with lot of old treasures, not new things bought to decorate it.
    kisses from Barcelona!

  • kylehayes

    What a stunning home. I love that is is not overly cluttered and that each piece has it’s own unique funky vibe. The clean white background of the space and the large upholstered items, really makes this place work and brings each unique object to life. Gorgeous! 

  • Samira Reyes

    her home is like my dream home!!! love it!! thanks for sharing!

  • Bettina

    Gorgeous home, I think my favorite room is the blue room with that gorgeous blue bed frame. I’d love to have something like that in my home one day!

  • Katharine Tang

     Gorgeous lighting and home!! I wish my home looked that way!

  • Sam
  • Lenasblend

    Love her taste and her home has such great natural lighting.

  • Elyse Cragg

    I’d love to know where she got those fabulous pink chairs!

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  • Hannah

    Her home is absolutely gorgeous! I love these articles, they give me so much inspiration! ♥

  • myka

    Love her home and love of harry potter. :)

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  • ellen.

    Such a beautiful home!

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  • Raiana Schwenker
  • Amberly @ The Good Life

    What a wonderful place to live! I love all of the white with the pops of color. Her design style seems really intuitive as well, which is always nice. The mix of modern, rustic, and antique is perfect. And I love her pants! :)

  • Krista

    Stunning – her outfit is super chic too.

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  • Patricia

    This is gorgeous but I’m massively distracted/bothered by the fact that she stores her LPs wrong. Keeping them lying down like that ensures that they will warp; they need to be stored upright.

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  • J.J. Barkas

    She looks so much like Kate Middleton!

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