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What is the most sentimental piece in your home?
It’s my outdoor iron furniture. I have two sets, each from a Grandmother. Both sets are over 50 years old. I unsentimentally painted them blue but I painted the blue of my dad’s shaping room — so that makes up for it.

What are your favorite stores to shop for items for your home?
A handful of antique stores in the neighborhood. They all know me by name. Casa Victoria, Daisy’s Market and some others I can only name by site.

“Harry Potter room, guest bedroom.”

What inspired you to start your first RTW Collection in 2007?
My mom and I made my wedding dress together and at the wedding a friend told me I was wasting my life and needed to be making dresses. Two months after I was married I was in school to learn to sew and make patterns. I started the collection the week after I graduated.

Your Spring 2012 Collection is an absolute dream. What influenced the bright color palette?

I wanted the brights to reflect my ideas and the glamour of pro surfing in the eighties, juxtaposed with the kind of organic earthy childhood I had growing up in Carpinteria. It was a type of love story.

“Hiver’s room, she has three beds. All girls should sleep in canopies.”

“Our bedroom, this is where we lay in the sun!”

How do you add sparkle to your life and home?
I like to have people I love around all the time doing nothing. I love to have them at home, I love to have them in the studio, I love to go up north to see them. Family and laughter. And if times are sad, more family, more laughter.

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  • Kate {domestikatedlife}

    Her house has such gorgeous light — I love the kitchen, and that big blue four-poster is gorgeous! 

  • Lauren Corso

    It is beautiful. Very eclectic.  I can’t say I would ever be able to pull those elements together, but I really like it!

  • Felicia

    Beautiful post! She has a great aesthetic.

  • mes bijoux

    I adore this home, because it is a lived home with lot of old treasures, not new things bought to decorate it.
    kisses from Barcelona!

  • kylehayes

    What a stunning home. I love that is is not overly cluttered and that each piece has it’s own unique funky vibe. The clean white background of the space and the large upholstered items, really makes this place work and brings each unique object to life. Gorgeous! 

  • Samira Reyes

    her home is like my dream home!!! love it!! thanks for sharing!

  • Bettina

    Gorgeous home, I think my favorite room is the blue room with that gorgeous blue bed frame. I’d love to have something like that in my home one day!

  • Katharine Tang

     Gorgeous lighting and home!! I wish my home looked that way!

  • Sam
  • Lenasblend

    Love her taste and her home has such great natural lighting.

  • Elyse Cragg

    I’d love to know where she got those fabulous pink chairs!

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  • Hannah

    Her home is absolutely gorgeous! I love these articles, they give me so much inspiration! ♥

  • myka

    Love her home and love of harry potter. :)

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  • ellen.

    Such a beautiful home!

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  • Raiana Schwenker
  • Amberly @ The Good Life

    What a wonderful place to live! I love all of the white with the pops of color. Her design style seems really intuitive as well, which is always nice. The mix of modern, rustic, and antique is perfect. And I love her pants! :)

  • Krista

    Stunning – her outfit is super chic too.

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  • Patricia

    This is gorgeous but I’m massively distracted/bothered by the fact that she stores her LPs wrong. Keeping them lying down like that ensures that they will warp; they need to be stored upright.

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  • J.J. Barkas

    She looks so much like Kate Middleton!

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