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Photography: Melissa Oholendt/ Wardrobe Styling: Faith Brue

Kate Arends is the quirky and adorable mind behind the blog Wit & Delight. Kate embraces the fun side of fashion, home decorating and even cooking, and injects happiness and humor into everything she does. Based in Minnesota, Kate spends her days working as a graphic designer and her nights blogging and working as a freelancer. She shared with us her thoughts on her personal style, favorite recipes and decorating inspiration.

What inspired you to start Wit & Delight?
Wit & Delight came to be in 2009 when I was looking for a place to document my fashion and design-related musings. It’s grown into a part-time hobby of mine and I still can’t believe how wonderful it’s been to get to know W&D readers. They’re a special kind of awesome.

How would you describe your style?
Casual, a little quirky, a little tomboy, decidedly feminine but not girlie. I look to Alexa Chung, Sincerely Jules, and Dree Hemingway for style inspiration.

Do you have any staple pieces in your wardrobe?
I splurge on classic pieces like versatile blazers, jeans that fit perfectly, basic blouses, and a set of heels you can comfortably strut in. They make a good foundation for exploring trends without loosing my identity in the latest fashions.

We love your passion for food. When did you start cooking?
I was a Food Network junkie all through college, so when I got my first apartment I thought I was ready to take down Barefoot Contessa and steal her Domestic Diva title. Not the case at all. But over the years I’ve gained some culinary skills and I can cook without a recipe. It’s a soothing activity for me, so I’ll often whip up something as a way to wind down after work. I’m sure that will change when I have a family, but right now it’s a time in my life where I can indulge in good wine, music and food.

“Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, and french toast is my favorite indulgence. Add a little orange zest, sugar, cinnamon & cream to 5 eggs and beat well. Pour the mixture over 6 slices of texas toast and let it sit for 10 minutes. Fry on both sides in some butter, then real maple syrup, fresh blackberries and a mini scoop of dulce de leche ice cream topped with coffee grounds! I’ll be posting the recipe in its entirety on W&D this week.”

“The kitchen is my favorite space to play. It’s small but works great for culinary adventures. Many messes and memories have been made here.”

Top five favorite foods?
My can’t-live-without foods are: avocados, Brie, baguettes, proscuitto, & eggs. I look forward to Pho or a Bahn Mi sandwich, often however.

I don’t own a TV, which makes this space a little sanctuary for me, and a great place to host wine night with my girlfriends. It’s my happy place.” Couch from CB2, Rug from Ikea, Bertoia Diamond Chairs, Gus Thompson Chair, Side table by Urban Outfitters, Artwork by Caroline Wright & Wayne Pate.

Your home is adorable. Can you tell us about the design process?
Some could say my home is the result of me being a bit of a hoarder. But really, I collected pieces over time that have sentimental value. I’m drawn to minimalist décor but like to add personality through antique pieces and expressive artwork. I wanted my home to be a pick-me-up and it is just that.

“I inherited a set of Harry Bertoia Diamond chairs from my grandparents and they mean so much to me. I’ve curled up in these since I was a baby and have so many childhood memories attached to them. I like to think that they are the first piece of design I really fell in love with.” Bertoia Diamond Chairs, Mug by Heath Ceramics, pants by RACHEL Rachel Roy, Loafers by Le Blu, Denim top by Urban Outfitters, Necklace by Stella & Dot

Where do you look for inspiration?
Inspiration to me is recognizing beauty when you see it. It can come from anywhere, but sometimes it catches you off guard. I’ll notice a particularly interesting looking person on the city bus or sometimes it’s just the way the light looks when it hits a building. It’s a bit cliché to say, but there’s so much beauty in the mundane if you look for it.

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