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“After all the time and energy we put into our little vintage bar cart, it’s by far one of my most favorite things in the apartment. It was so fun to style, and I love how it anchors our gallery wall.”

How would you describe your interior decorating style?
I like to think that it’s a healthy mix of design-driven and unfussy, livable elements. While I love the look of modern, clean lines and unabashed glamour, it’s also important to me that we have a very inviting space with throwback influences and a touch of funkiness. There’s definitely a certain regalia that I love to incorporate, but with a sense of humor, even just in small doses.

“I used to go out and get my coffee every morning, but lately I’ve been loving making myself a little spread to sit with while I work.”


“I found these heart shaped metal chalk boards at Pom Pom in Santa Monica. They’re pretty enough to leave blank, but sometimes my husband will draw funny pictures on them, or we’ll leave notes for our guests – a little surprise when they go to powder their noses.”

Does your love of fashion influence your home design?
Absolutely. My home is filled with a lot of the same elements I love in fashion. Animal fabrics and shapes, sequins wherever possible, and some necessary touches of masculinity. That’s not just for my husband’s sanity but for mine as well. The main difference between my fashion style and home style is the balance of black and white. I am obsessed with white in the home and use it as much as I can, but I have a lot more black than white in my closet. Maybe that’s why I crave it so much in the home. To me, there’s nothing like a room that radiates with that fresh, clean white glow.

“Going into spring I really wanted a kaleidoscope floral blazer, so when I saw the Rebecca Minkoff version, I just had to have it! I’ve been wearing it constantly ever since.”

“The inspiration board is my favorite thing in the office. Sometimes I like to wipe it clean and start over from scratch. My brain needs that from time to time.”

“These little gold dinos have been with me since my roommate gave them to me as a gift in college. I spray painted them gold about a year ago, and I like to migrate them around to different rooms. Aside from our two dogs, they are our little mascots.”

What are some of your most treasured pieces in your home?
Our most treasured pieces are probably the ones that we put some elbow grease into, such as our vintage bar cart from a junkyard in Sun Valley. It used to be broken and blackened, and it was so fun to spruce it up and dress it with all sorts of pretty liquid necessities. The memo board above my desk was something my mom and I made together one afternoon, so I always think of her when I look at it. I am in love with our new gold splattered cowhide rug, bought from one of those street corner rug guys here in LA.

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  • Carla McCarthy

    Definetly a down to earth girl! The tutu skirt is my fave!

  • Temorris2010

    What is that pink lipstick Catherine’s wearing on page 2?? It’s beautiful!

    • Catherine

      Thanks so much! It’s Candy Yum Yum by MAC. It was limited edition but I really hope they bring it back!

  • Annie T

    I love that pink painting in the 2nd photo on Page 2. Where is it from?

    • Catherine

      So glad you like it! That was another Pinterest DIY project.

      • Sophie

         I love it too! Must find out how to make it.

  • Rebecca ~ Florence Finds

    Fabulous styling, I love all of it.

    I would love to know where Catherine got the storage unit she uses for nail polishes in the picture above?

    Thanks so much!

    Rebecca xo

    • Catherine

      Thank you!! I think I got it on Amazon. You can just search “nail polish rack” and there’s a bunch of similar ones out there. 

      • lauren

        I was going to ask the same thing, so thank you! :)

  • Emily

    These images are GORGEOUS!



  • Kate

    Such a cute space, I love her little settee! 

  • Kristina

    I NEED that gold cowhide rug. NEED NEED NEED. What street corner guy sells a rug like that? Downtown LA? Beautiful! xo.

    • Catherine

      It was a great find! He was on Olympic and La Cienega that day. They sell one here too but it’s a bit pricier.

      • Jessica

        There is also a store called United Leather (downtown LA) that has them… I just saw them the other day and they have a ton. It’s cash and carry.

  • Chelsea

    Beautiful space! Were the garlands homemade or did you purchase them?

  • With Anna

    I`ve followed the Life Styled (blog) for quite a while now and absolutely love her! And now this hometour, Catherine is a huge inspiration and she definitely knows how to style! 

    • Catherine

      That is so sweet, thank you so much for hanging out with me on my blog! So happy you like it. :)

  • Jinelle

    I absolutely love your style! That gold sparkled rug is something I can’t stop thinking about – beautiful!

    • Catherine

      Thank you so much! 

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  • lauren

    Catherine, you are a gem. Your home is absolutely GORGEOUS beyond words. Every image is SO pinworthy. 😉 You have totally inspired me to go out and find more vintage treasures and make them my own.


    • Catherine

      Thank you for such nice compliments! Being called pinworthy is an honor. :) Have fun hunting for vintage treasures!

  • Becca

    I love that room! I was wondering what kind of bed spread that was? I’ve been looking for something like that :)

    • Catherine

      Thanks! All the white linens on the bed are from Matteo Home. The duvet is their tat linen line.

      • Becca

         Thank you so much! :)

  • Farial

    Your home is gorgeous! We have very similar style.. and I am in search of a new couch. Where is yours from? xoxo

    • Catherine

      Thank you so much! My couch is from a store in LA called Sofa U Love. There are a couple locations and they do custom furniture as well.

  • Katie

    I LOVE the glass milk carton creamer! Catherine, where did you get it?

    • Catherine

      Thanks! It’s from CB2. :)

  • diane @ a spot of whimsy

    shut up, her place is fantastic!  so many perfect little unique details.  so jealous of the nail polish collection.  and the vanity.  and the tutu skirt!

    • Catherine

      Aww thanks! So glad you love it. I think every girl needs a tutu. :)

  • YellowBigEyes

    I like her down to earth personality that comes through the feature! Lovely home!

    • Catherine

      That’s such a nice compliment, thank you so much. :)

  • Kayleigh

    Oh my! Where did you get those beautiful stick/twig looking lamps in your bedroom?? Must know!! :)

    • Catherine

      Pottery Barn! :)

      • Kayleigh

        Love!!! You have a beautiful home!

  • Miyan

    a beautiful home for sure, so many great styling ideas. thanks for sharing and providing so much inspiration! you are so pretty & have such great taste!

    • Catherine

      thank you so much! you are so sweet. :)

  • Kat

    Love when GG does features on homes. Gives me some ideas/inspiration for later which is nice to have!

  • Lauren M. Ferreira

    I love these features! What a beautiful home.  It looks styled and beautiful but still very much a home!

    • Catherine

      that’s so nice of you to say – that was our goal! thanks so much!

  • Aludwin92

    what is the color on your bedroom wall? love the soft pink with white! 

    • Catherine

      It’s Benjamin Moore “Soft White.” Go figure!

  • KB

    I love your decorating style! From where are your acrylic desk organizers?

    • Catherine

      Russell + Hazel!

  • kristina

    your vanity is great– and the storage next to it! where is this from?

    • Catherine

      Both from Ikea! I swapped out the handles on the vanity for ones from Anthropologie.

  • meghan

    Everything is lovely! Where did you get your bedside tables?

    • Catherine

      They are the Malm line from Ikea. We drilled in holes and added knobs from Anthropologie!

  • Lani

    this is a beautiful, sweet little place! so many little trinkets too…like the little glass cream pourer in the shape of a carton! where did you find that little treasure? it is irresistibly cute!

    • Catherine

      Thank you! It’s from CB2.

  • Donna

    Thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos!  What great inspiration! Makes me want to jump up and start cleaning up my house! What color lipstick are you wearing in the tutu picture?

    • Catherine

      MAC’s Morange!

  • Lindsey Chandler

    so inspired by her desk set up and inspiration boards! just pinned them to pinterest and might have to do something like that as a project this weekend!

  • Mandy

    Where are the gold scissors from?  They are so fun.

    • Catherine

      French General in LA. 

  • Kalantirobinson

    I love your inspiration board!!!! I super obsessed with that Rebecca Minkoff jacket!!! What kind of jeans are you wearing with them?

    • Catherine


  • sarah306

    I absolutely love everything, perfection! So inspiring. I think I’m going to attempt to re-create the silver baskets. A little DIY project for the weekend!

  • Brooke Ashley

    Love, love your home! What kind of dogs do you have? So adorable! 

    • Catherine

      Thank you! Kenzie is a mini goldendoodle and Emmy is a cockapoo – or so we think. We’re not exactly sure. 

  • Allison

    An absolutely stunning home. Beautifully decorated. Catherine’s home has so much personality! I wish she lived closer to me! I’d hire her to help me! I love her taste. Fabulous vintage pieces mixed with more modern ones and a touch of whimsy with the collection of colorful nail polish! I love it.

  • Ania

    I really enjoyed seeing the combining of soft/romantic and eclectic/modern pieces. I have a tendency to seek out similar items but then be afraid to pair them together. Clearly, it can be done! Nice natural fiber rug as a base. Catherine’s outfits are perfect – beautiful & easy to wear.

  • Kate {Something Fabulous}

    I just love her style! Her workspace is beautiful. Loved this feature! x

    Kate {Something Fabulous}

  • Vanja

    this is like a girls dream! :) beautiful home! and your dogs are adorable! :) 

  • Kate

    Where did you get the Ribbon Board on page 2?

  • ashleigh @ Jolie Jouel

    This is one of my all-time favorite homes tours! I pinned a zillion images…so inspiring. We just moved into a new house and can’t wait to incorporate some of these fun and feminine touches!

    My jewelry blog:

    • Catherine

      Wow, thank you so much! Glad you found some good inspiration for your house!

  • PS

    Your headboard is so chic yet comfy looking – where is it from?

    • Catherine

      Thanks! It’s from Target!

  • Kim

    Oh my gosh, I am so jealous of the long gold knuckle cage ring you’re wearing in one of the photos, I spotted it on someone else before but have been unable to find it please please please tell me where you got it from?

    • Catherine


  • Miss B

    Oh my goodness, Catherine’s home is utterly dreamy (I want to move in right now!)

    Thank you so much for sharing this one ladies!

    Briony xx

    • Miss B

      P.S. I love that I’m not the only person in the world who has golden dinosaurs on my vanity!!

  • Kristie

    Your home is beautiful!  I love the towels that you have in your bathroom.  Could you tell me where you got them?

    • Catherine

      Thank you! They are from Anthropologie.

  • Rkmurphy0331

    I love your blog and this feature! BEAUTIFUL!! Wondering where you purchased the baskets for your entryway that you DIY’s?

  • Color Me Blue

    Absolutely stunning – I wish my boyfriend would let me make our apartment this feminine and glamorous! So gorgeous!

  • Oliviab16

    I love the golden dinosaurs. Where are those from?

  • Farah Bhayani

    So much eye candy!!  Love this place!

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  • Natasha

    Great post! It sounds like Catherine is a super cool chic, with tons of style :)
    I really enjoyed reading this :)… oh, and the images were fantastic as well, as always, I should say!

  • diana abaroa

    I love this  feature, Catherine Sheppard has such a great style. I really love her home styling. And that tutu and neon tee outfit, it’s amazing.!

    This post made me feel so inspired!

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  • GawgusThings

    What a fabulous home and what an equally fabulous girl! Love her!

  • Bryony

    Love everything! Could you possibly link the furniture that you have in your vanity set up? The table and the draws? I am looking to redo my room and this is exactly what I am looking for and something I can take inspiration from. Thank you!

    • Catherine

      They are both from Ikea!

  • Layne Bordelon

    Please someone tell me the brand and color name of the paint in that last photo of Catherine?

    • Catherine

      Benjamin Moore “Soft White” – but it’s totally pink.

  • Rachel Hooper

    LOVE everything about this — makeup, hair, clothes, home… love that you convinced your husband to be ok with the gorgeous blushy walls!

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  • Em1642

    Where are the mercury etched jars from in the photo with your nameplate necklace?

    • Catherine

      Those are from Anthropologie! 

  • ali

    Your place is beautiful — where is your chandelier from? 

  • Amandabg365

    inspired & obsessed!
    where did you find / how did you create the inspiration board? need to do this in my office!

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  • GlamFabChameleon

    Beautiful and super chic lady! Her home is wonderful and such an inspirational space!! Very pretty!!

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  • Jessjg21

    where did you get the side drawers next to your makeup counter?

  • Shawn

    Where did you get the dainty vanity with the round mirror?


    This is my favorite feature!  I love her blog!

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  • DTalksAll

    I love the vanity & matching drawers. Where are they from?

    • Benny Etienne

      The two drawer units on the left and right are Helmer drawer units from Ikea.

      • Tb

        Where did she get the vanity? And what’s the brand name?

  • britwright

    Catherine, where did you get your gold Catherine necklace!? You, and your home, are flawless!

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  • Katie

    I absolutely adore your home!! Where did you get your desk from?

  • Julieann

    Would love to know the source of the settee in your living room? It is the perfect size while still looking comfy! thanks

  • Bethany at Powell Brower Home

    i just love this piece!  she’s GREAT.  i love that her style is funky and quirky.

  • Kayla Reynolds

    Where is the vanity from? I LOVE it!

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  • Ashleigh

    Who makes both the hot pink and light pink lipstick you are wearing? LOVE!

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  • Julie

    absolutely gorgeous home! thanks for sharing!

  • Soleil

    So chic and fab!

  • Maggie

    Where did you get the sparkly pillow on your bed? LOVE IT!

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  • lmantel

    where did you find the inspiration board??

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  • Quynh

    Catherine, can you tell me how you did the lighting on your vanity and where you got it from? This is exactly how I want my vanity area to look like…it’s beautiful!

  • ruby

    i just absolutely fell in love with everything most of all your beauty area. can u please tell me where you got the desk with the mirror on it? i saw that u wrote that it was from ikea i found the drawers on ikea but not the table if its from ikea do u know the name of the table with the mirror?

  • ruby

    Where is your rose gold chain link bracelet from. I love it for much!

  • Adriana Infante

    I have way too many questions for this beautiful home! Where is the silver mirror in the entry way from? And the gold coffee carafe? And the chandelier and the silver chair in your room? BEAUTIFUL.

  • Liz

    where is the console table from?

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  • Kelly Rafferty

    where did you get the acrylic organizers?

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  • Katherine

    This is all so beautiful! Very inspiring!

  • Taylor

    2 Questions: Where is the chair from (silver metallic louis chair)? And where is the pillow on the chair from? I ADORE the whole room!!

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  • eden

    Hi there,

    i just love you page, everything i love and more. However i was wondering in your picture that has this “I used to go out and get my coffee every morning, but lately I’ve been loving making myself a little spread to sit with while I work.” underneath it, there is a glass milk bottle container thing? i wanted to know where you got it from because it is just the coolest thing ever!!!


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  • Treece

    The lamp in the dining room , does it pull down like the lamps of the late 50’s ? Where did you get that ?

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  • Lara

    Beautiful home! Please share how you did the lighting on your vanity!

  • Mel

    I just came across this page! So beautiful, I was wondering if you made your inspiration board yourself, or if you bought it! I was thinking of putting one in my office

  • audrey

    thanks for the tour catherine! your home is lovely. can you please share where your headboard came from?

  • Nikki Renner

    where is the clear coffee table from on page 1??

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  • Rose

    What kind of dog is the one with the curly hair and your shoes beautiful ! Love .

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  • ssanjel

    Beautiful style! Absolutely love it! Could you please tell me the name of the desk and vanity from ikea?

  • Sarah

    what is the paint color on the walls in pink

  • Graci

    Where is your desk/vanity from? I absolutely love it!

  • graci

    Where is your vanity from? I love it!

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  • queenofallthings

    What is the paint color in the bedroom please

  • Marlee

    Please tell me where the vanity is from??? I’m dying to know!!!

  • Marlee

    Please tell me where the vanity is from?!?! I’m dying to know!!!

  • Veronica

    Hi! Can you please tell me how you got the lights on your vanity or if it came that way? Thanks

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