What Makes You Feel Beautiful?

Written by on June 19, 2012 in Beauty - 4 Comments
Glitter Guide | What Makes You Feel Beautiful?

Over the last year we’ve been lucky to feature so many amazing women who we feel are truly beautiful from the inside out. Our favorite thing to share on Glitter Guide is women who we find inspiring and who effortlessly sparkle. So we thought we’d ask a few of our Glitter Girls to share what makes them feel beautiful!

Natalie: “Being around my fiancé, or just generally around friends and family. People who love you always think you’re beautiful — it goes with the territory! And of course a cute outfit and the right hair and makeup never hurts.”

Nicolette: “Putting on a fresh coat of lipstick (today, Nars “Schiap”) and batting my doe-eyed lids.”

Erin“A spritz of great perfume and a pair of heels.”

Ranosha: “Beautiful is dressing up, laughing & dancing surrounded by my closest girl friends who are gorgeous inside and out. However, the best part is coming home and washing the day and night off of my face. I’m addicted to my Clairsonic and Mario Badescu cleanser. A clean, naked face makes me feel fresh & beautiful!”

Alicia: “I feel most beautiful when I’m eating right, drinking lots of water and working out. These healthy combinations make me feel my absolute best!”

Samantha: “Oddly enough I feel the most beautiful in the mornings when I wake up next to my beau. Maybe it’s the pretty light that trickles in through our windows or the fact that he tells me he loves me, but I always feel like I’m glowing at that moment. Scents also make me feel extra beautiful. My favorite right now is Neroli Portofino by Tom Ford.”

We feel beautiful when we’re laughing with loved ones and wearing our favorite shade of lipstick.

What makes you feel beautiful?

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  • http://www.adventuringsouls.blogspot.com/ Natalie Thomas

    Working out in the morning, then taking a shower, then having my hubby make me breakfast. I feel sooo beautiful and healthy then, even if I’m just got dressed back into my pjs!

  • lauren

    I feel the most beautiful when I am serving others.

  • http://aneyeforfashion.blogspot.com/ Kat

    @glitterguide Being around supportive people who continue to encourage u. Like @thechrislam:twitter 

  • http://staycationmama.blogspot.com/ Missa the Staycation Mama

    I feel most beautiful when people tell me my daughter looks like me. Because to me she’s the most gorgeous thing on the planet.


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