A Day In The Life: Marysia Dobrzanska Reeves

Photography: Emily Johnston Anderson, Styling: Woldy A. Reyes

Marysia Dobrzanska Reeves moved to New York City from Poland after dreaming of living in the city that she thought of as the center of the world. Now here, she has made a splash in the fashion world with her line Marysia Swim. Her bathing suits are the talk of the fashion world and we can’t wait to don them when we hit the beach this summer. Marysia invited us to spend a day with her, which gave us special insight into the life of a busy Big Apple fashionista.

7  a.m.: “Having tea with hubby Nathaniel while catching up on Women’s Wear Daily & instagram

“Top shelf: Jonathan Adler fish, Tiffany’s children china, Elizabeth Stuart Design in Charleston vases & glasses, Kate Spade blue everyday china, Tiffany’s cake platter, Champion Juicer (that gets the most use in our kitchen), and a fruit basket I stole from my parent’s house.”

What inspired you to start Marysia Swim?
Ultimately, the birth of my daughter gave me the courage to start my own label. I started with swim because it’s close to my heart as I grew up a ballerina and a water baby. Also, I felt like there was a void in the industry and a need for more special, high end swimwear.

How does living in NYC inspire your design and your lifestyle?
It’s been my dream to live here since I knew NYC existed! Being raised in Poland, I always knew NYC as the capitol of the world!  I said “one day I will be there!” I can’t believe I’m actually living my dream.

8 a.m.: “Yoga with Tara Stiles in her beautiful soho yoga studio, Strala

10 a.m.: “Tea time with little Elle before she goes to her pre-k class”

What are your favorite moments in a typical day?
Walking on the streets…the energy here is incredible! I also love to ride the subway and people watch. It keeps me grounded and not stuck in my little dream bubble of a life. I like to think of myself as a down to earth person.

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